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The Internet Is an Amazing Less Government Success Story

Seton Motley, Nothing in the history of humanity has grown bigger, faster or better than the World Wide Web. In just about a quarter century, it has become an economic and political force of nigh immeasurable impact. The Internet is a magnificent, unparalleled private sector success story. Yes, the Left reflexively and rightly states that

New FCC chair closely guards his strategy to restructure net neutrality

The new chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission under President Donald Trump is keeping under wraps his strategy to revise or reverse the Obama administration’s “net neutrality” rules, but emphasized he is committed to ensuring an open internet. Ajit Pai, 44, a Republican lawyer who has served as a FCC commissioner since 2012, strongly

The Science of Intellectual Tribalism

Jonah Goldberg, “David Gelernter, fiercely anti-intellectual computer scientist, is being eyed for Trump’s science adviser.” — Washington Post, Jan. 18 Um. Well, huh. For those unfamiliar with David Gelernter, he essentially created parallel computing, which sounds like witchcraft to me, but I’m told it’s a really big deal. He was also one of the first

Donald Trump had to trade-in his Android tweeting machine for a more secure device

Like President Barack Obama before him, Donald Trump will also have to give up his personal smartphone and replace it with one that the intelligence agencies deem to be secure for the office. In fact, new reports indicate that Donald Trump has already traded in his Galaxy smartphone that he used more than once for

Someone is trying to take down the Drudge Report

Business Insider, It’s a mystery who’s behind it. The Drudge Report, the highly trafficked conservative news website, has been knocked offline for extended periods of time over the course of the last two weeks, succumbing to large distributed denial of service attacks, according to its founder, Matt Drudge. And it’s a mystery who’s behind it

Nintendo’s mobile Mario game sets download record but pricing proves sticking point

Nintendo Co Ltd’s first Mario smartphone title has set a download record but gamers baulked at the one-time cost of unlocking content, prompting investors to push the Japanese game makers’ stock to a one-month low. Super Mario Run hit 25 million downloads just four days after its Dec. 15 release in 151 countries on Apple Inc’s

Amazon Fights Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple For Smart Device Clout

The battle to provide the best digital butler for homes is something Amazon, Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft will be fighting over for years. These in-home devices with artificial intelligence and language processing skills could evolve into the next major disruption in computing and put the smart home on a fast track. Amazon upped its game

True the Vote Offers Smartphone App to Report Voter Fraud

Brandon Darby, Texas-based election integrity organization True the Vote has released a smartphone app that allows users to report voter fraud and irregularities. VoteStand, available for both iPhone and Android users, is advertised to be the “first online election fraud reporting app” available to voters across the country “to quickly report suspected election illegalities as

Wikileaks ‘October Surprise’? Julian Assange Wants to Take Down Google

Bryan Clark, By now it should come as no surprise that Julian Assange isn’t a fan of Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t seem that he likes Google much, either. Assange, the notorious founder of Wikileaks, detailed plans to unleash a fresh batch of leaked documents  each week until the November 8th presidential election. The first of these