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Bombing of Coptic Church in Egypt underscores long history of oppression of Christians

Perry Chiaramonte, It was Christmas Eve last year when Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi extended his support to the Coptic Christian community, attending Mass at St. Mark’s Orthodox Coptic Church—a symbolic act that showed the former Army general’s resolve to bring together the nation’s 10 million Christians and the Muslim majority of 70 million. But

Hillary Supporters Issue Death Threats to Trump Senior Advisor

Adan Salazar | Infowars, Backers of defeated Democrat candidate do not know how to be gracious losers. Donald Trump Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway revealed she’s been receiving death threats from supporters of Hillary Clinton due to the defeated campaign’s persistent sore loser rhetoric. Speaking with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Thursday, Conway defended President-elect Trump from accusations

A Complete List of Radical Islamic Terror Attacks on U.S. Soil Under Obama

James Barrett, In a speech at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday, President Obama declared that “[n]o foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland.” The claim earned perfunctory applause, but a closer look at the reaction of many of the servicemen and women there made clear what they really thought about the

Report: US facing biggest Islamic terror threat since 9/11

Brooke Singman, The United States faces its highest threat from Islamist terrorists since 9/11 and much of that stems from those radicalized at home, according to the House Homeland Security Committee’s December Terror Threat Snapshot released Tuesday. What’s more, the report said, the threat to the United States and Europe will persist in 2017. Throughout

Mr. Trump, you have a unique opportunity to defeat Islamism. As a Muslim I’m ready to collaborate

Qanta Ahmed, In the wake of the Ohio State attacks last week (perpetrated by a Somali student legally residing in the U.S.) America again struggles to explain events.  The Council on American Islamic Relations, was among the first to warn against retaliatory attacks against Muslims and linking the incident to Islam. Such statements are not only

Fires in Israel Could Spell Danger Ahead for America

Armstrong Williams, Thousands of firefighters risked their lives in Israel over the past week as they battled hundreds of fierce wildfires. Neighboring friendly nations, including Croatia, Greece, Jordan, Egypt, Italy, Russia and Turkey, did not hesitate to come to Israel’s aid, sending additional personnel and firefighting aircraft. Never to be outdone, on Saturday, the United