Testing Waters : Scott Brown for President in 2016?

Scott Brown is thinking about a 2016 Presidential run. The former Massachusetts Senator was in Iowa this weekend to attend the state fair. As we all know, Iowa is the first state to caucus or have a primary. Many politicians will make a stop in Iowa early on in the process to try to gauge interest.

1f26cf64-7682-45ae-9067-aff609c90e85 Testing Waters : Scott Brown for President in 2016?

According to the former Senator he made the trip all the way out to Iowa to try and gauge interest in his “brand of politics”. The fair especially is a place for many candidates to visit before a presidential run.

Currently Scott Brown is working at a law firm, but has been rumored to be looking at several different seats. Many have thought that Scott Brown would look into challenging incumbent U.S. Senator from New Hampshire, Jeanne Shaheen. Also, the latest rumor found Mr. Brown looking at a run for Massachusetts Governor in 2014.

Right now it looks like Scott Brown needs to narrow down his interests. While it is still far out for a 2016 run, Mr. Brown will really need to decide if he has presidential aspirations or if he is better fit for running the state of Massachusetts as governor or representing New Hampshire in the U.S. Senate.

Scott Brown’s brand of politics is a little more middle-of-the-road than most republicans. That was an easy fit in Massachusetts, but it will be interesting to see if he can win over much of the conservative base in other parts of the country. Perhaps this could be another underdog win for Scott Brown like in 2010?