Thank Allah For Democrats

By Jeffrey T. Brown

Nations have been lying to and attacking their enemies for millennia. Leaders of one nation have told lies about their goals and objectives to the leaders of other nations since the beginning of nations. We who think and read are easily able to tell when the leader of our liberal nation is lying to the conservative nation. We care too much about our country not to know the truth, and besides, his lips were moving. But what is it that prevents the left from ever once understanding that it is being lied to on an equally constant basis by those who would destroy our country from without in the name of world domination?

DemDonkey_small Thank Allah For Democrats

It has been truly astonishing to watch liberals fall all over themselves proclaiming a new beginning with Iran because the newest Iranian politicians lied to the president and his equally absurd media agents. Aside from there being a different face, nothing about Iran or what it is doing, or has been doing, has changed one iota. The new figurehead leader was handpicked by the same Ayatollah who controlled the last figurehead leader. The nuclear program goes on unabated. Their goals and objectives have not changed. Their efforts have not slackened. They have offered no tokens of verifiable change, and they have given nothing in consideration for the new light in which the left suddenly views them.

Truly, all around the world, Islamists who are actively pursuing global domination must be saying to themselves, “Thank Allah for Democrats!” Never in their wildest dreams could they have hoped for a larger assortment of suicidal representatives of a formerly formidable nation. The Muslim Brotherhood got the president’s number years ago. While saying and doing the same virulently anti-American things it always has, it got this president to sponsor their overthrow of a sovereign leader of Egypt in order to install Islamists bent on global conquest for Islam. Then it got him to do the same thing in Libya. All they had to do was lie for Islam, as was their duty.

Of course, when our fatally insubstantial president got himself into a self-made trap over Syria, he turned to an historic enemy of our nation to broker a solution that effectively neutered himself and the United States. Indeed, it doesn’t seem that there is any bloodthirsty Islamist organization or totalitarian regime to which he isn’t willing to surrender absolutely everything. And each time it happens, the president has nothing to show for it except that our enemies are stronger.

The Iranians have obviously been watching with great interest how our president gave the keys to the Middle East and North Africa to Islamists in exchange for lies and empty promises about how moderate and democratic they wanted to be. They must have asked themselves, “Are you kidding? That’s all it takes?” So, taking the cue, the new Iranian leader, who is the same as the old Iranian leader, became the latest liar to dupe this stand-in for an American president. To the objective observer, Iran is still developing nuclear weapons. They are still funding terrorist organizations around the world. They were the supplier of countless IEDs that killed and maimed our service men and women. And to them, we are and always will be the Great Satan. No matter to the liberals. The Iranians seemed really nice today.

Now that the dance has begun, the Iranians will play this out for as long as it takes to finish the job. They know that with nothing more than an inflection, or a false gesture of good will, they can get anything they want for however long they want from this president who, for reasons we still do not know, promised to negotiate with them without preconditions. What is it about Iran that he and his liberal friends love so much? Why does Iran get the kid-glove treatment and our friends and allies get the back of his hand? It almost appears that the more a country hates us, the more they have earned this president’s respect.

In any event, Iran knows it is the newest anti-Semitic, gay-murdering, misogynistic, genocidal, liberal darling of American liberals. The mere thought of negotiating with the Iranians has leftists sputtering in gleeful excitement. Suspend or weaken sanctions? You bet! Treat them like honest partners? Can’t wait! Give them all the time it takes to fully and completely destabilize the entire planet? It’s the least we can do. If it means risking our survival as a free and strong nation and betraying our historic principles, there is nothing our president and his liberal colleagues won’t do to tip the scales in favor of the enemy. Besides, the Iranians were probably just kidding about that whole second holocaust thing because, you know, Islamists love a good joke about world domination. We’ve got time.

By the time our Democrats figure out that they were played and take the rest of us down with them, on the off chance that this is not entirely purposeful, it will be too late. It’s always that way with the leftists. They want so badly to believe in the fantasies by which they live their lives that they literally cannot see or process objective evidence that proves them to be fools. Facts and logic are fatal to liberals. Think Mars Attacks when Slim Whitman music is played.

Iran has bought 4 years of invaluable time to build their weapons by snubbing our overeager puppy president, who has never stopped wanting the Iranians to pat him on the head. Now that they have begun patting, they know that they will have to scratch behind his ears and rub his belly, too, to finally get the nukes with which to wipe Israel off the map and pursue Islamic global conquest in earnest, but no matter. After all, how hard is it for deadly serious people to distract a puppy? Not very.