The 10 Most Outrageous Liberal Media Statements Of 2013


The mainstream media are increasingly influenced by leftist ideology, which often spills over into reports that skew facts toward a particular partisan bias. Though instances of this trend are numerous, the following list offers ten absurd examples. Among the worst offenders are cable news outlets MSNBC and CNN, which might indicate why both are shedding viewers at a record pace and the latter has expressed intentions to move away from breaking news coverage.

msnbc2 The 10 Most Outrageous Liberal Media Statements Of 2013


10. Anchor thanks God for abortion

“I thank God and country,” said MSNBC host Toure earlier this year, “that when I fell into a bad situation, abortion was there to save me.” He made the comments as part of a 40th anniversary celebration of Roe V.

mainstream-media_small The 10 Most Outrageous Liberal Media Statements Of 2013


 Wade, explaining that had his ex-girlfriend actually kept their child, it would have resulted in “a mess of three lives.”


Instead, he and his former flame decided to improve two lives by snuffing out the third. For this abomination, he somehow invoked God without any apparent sense of shame.








9. Host advocates unspeakable acts against Palin
Martin Bashir made headlines this year when he advocated defecating and urinating in the mouth of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Though he faced immediate and deserved public backlash for his dreadful comments, MSNBC stood by the embattled host for weeks before caving into pressure to fire Bashir. While this reprehensible host was finally held responsible for his statements, far too many on MSNBC and other networks are given virtual free reign to spew whatever incendiary rhetoric they choose – provided their targets are conservative.

8. Morgan’s illogical crusade against guns
Despite being a Brit, CNN host Piers Morgan repeatedly used his position this year to call for stricter gun laws. While he repeatedly engaged in inane rhetoric regarding the issue, his celebratory tone during October’s federal government shutdown was especially myopic. “One of the only positives I’ve heard so far is that … gun permits may be delayed as part of all this,” he said.

7. Today Show claims Reagan was liberal
As the disastrous Obama administration drags on, Americans increasingly look back at prior presidencies – specifically that of Ronald Reagan – with a sense of nostalgia. In order to politically capitalize on this shift, the personalities of NBC’s Today Show simply rewrote history to imply Reagan was actually a leftist. Weatherman Al Roker contended he “probably would be seen almost liberally today as opposed to being conservative,” to which his cohorts enthusiastically expressed their agreement.

6. Host blasts Palin for displaying Christmas tree
Sarah Palin makes a second appearance on the list as the victim of yet another MSNBC host’s vitriolic hatred of the conservative firebrand. Joy Reid – who also appears in another entry – concluded the 2008 GOP vice-presidential candidate was not a true Christian because she put up a Christmas tree. “Certain parts of the Bible also appear to preach against let’s say, I don’t know, Christmas trees,” she said, revealing her apparent unfamiliarity with God’s Word. Numerous biblical experts jumped to Palin’s defense, indicating the only such display rebuked by God is the erection of a false idol.

5. Anchor calls Hallmark homophobic for using the word “fun”
When greeting card retailer Hallmark released a Christmas ornament earlier this year, it replaced the word “gay” with a synonym when quoting the timeless carol “Deck the Halls.” Though the company explained it simply wanted to avoid context confusion given the disparate meanings of the word in modern American society, MSNBC anchor Carol Costello saw something much more sinister in play. “Homophobic?” she asked. “I say, ‘Yes you are.’”

4. Blogger invents hate crime to bash conservatives
Far-left blogger Meg Lanker-Simons has built a fairly substantial audience by carelessly slinging accusations at conservatives and hoping a few will stick. When that fails, however, she proved this year that she is not above completely fabricating events to further her agenda. Reports exposed her ploy to post social media content intended to portray hate speech against her. While the tactic gained her some short-term notoriety, police ultimately issued her a citation for fabricating the controversy and then lying about it to authorities. “I want to hatef––k Meg Lanker Simons so hard,” the post read, claiming she “runs her liberal mouth all the time and doesn’t care who knows it.”

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Checking @thinkprogress feed again … No. Not a word today about their 2012 blog honoree Meg Lanker-Simons 

3. Newspaper claims “knockout game” doesn’t exist
After initially attempting to ignore the violent black-on-white attacks associated with the so-called “knockout game” earlier this year, media sources were ultimately forced to address the issue due to increasing public outrage. Instead of decrying the activity, which left several victims seriously injured, a USA Today article concluded the entire ordeal amounted to nothing more than an “urban myth.”

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2. Host claims Christianity is homoerotic
MSNBC correspondent Michael Eric Dyson recently expressed the baffling view that a Christian man’s love for Christ is somehow akin to homosexuality. During his interview with host Joy Reid, Dyson alleged Christians use Jesus to “cosign” their personal bigotry before expressing his own brand of religious intolerance. “The same men who will stand up in a church of all men [and say] ‘I put my God Jesus above all women, I love him more than I love her,’” he said. “Hmmm, do you really? That sounds interestingly homoerotic to people who are outside your religious traditions.”

1. Radio host calls for assassination of conservatives
Political talk radio has long been criticized for its reliance on incendiary rhetoric which, to an extent, is found on both sides of the ideological spectrum. Desperate leftists, however, resort to such tactics with alarming frequency, as evidenced by the unbelievable rants of Mike Malloy. In addition to volunteering his own knife with which to stab Tea Party-backed Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, the vicious host also made a very direct threat to any members of the GOP. During one monologue, Malloy asked for an “angel of the Lord that would pass over” and “wipe out all the Tea Baggers.” In another instance, he made his desire even more obvious, indicating he wants to see “the Republican party dead. I mean, dead. I mean literally dead!” 

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Liberal talker Mike Malloy offers weapon to murder Sen. Ted Cruz  via @examinercom Bastard!

  the preceding list is significantly abridged; and readers may agree or disagree with the order of the included instances. What is apparent, however, is the leftist news industry stuck to its disingenuous partisan coverage even more closely in 2013 as the Obama administration made leftism in general much less appealing to the American people. –B. Christopher Agee