The Anti-Semitic Islamophobia Hoax

Daniel Greenfield, 

You can’t fight anti-Semitism without exposing Islamophobia as a lie.

Fighting Islamophobia is trendy. But it also often becomes a means of enabling and expressing hatred toward others. Especially Jews. It doesn’t take much digging into campaigns against Islamophobia to find the anti-Semitism lurking underneath the bright lights and polished logos.

The Ford Foundation, which in its time had played a key role in the anti-Semitic Durban hatefest, hosted a forum titled, “Confronting Islamophobia in America Today.” Participants included Linda Sarsour, who had promoted the anti-Semitic Muslim practice of throwing rocks at Jews and appeared at a rally for a pro-Hezbollah organization, along with Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid, who had defended Ahmadinejad’s call for destroying Israel and described such a proposed atrocity as a sentiment born of “legitimate anger.”

Why was the Ford Foundation privileging the persecution fantasies of Islamist bigots who believe that plotting the genocide of millions of Jews is somehow rooted in “legitimate anger”?

The loudest voices inveighing against Islamophobia often justify Islamic terrorism, explicitly or implicitly, even while they whine that being associated with Islamic terrorism is a form of Islamophobia. Indeed the campaign against Islamophobia has, among its agendas, the legitimization of Islamic terrorism.

If Islamic terrorism, and its underlying supremacist hatred of Jews, can’t be discussed, then it also can’t be condemned. And, in a perverse twist, Islamic terrorists then become the victims of Islamophobia.

The Florida Center for Investigative Reporting has been fundraising aggressively for its “Islamophobia Project”. The FCIR is the work of Trevor Aaronson who had attempted to dismiss anti-Semitic Muslim terror plots against synagogues as an FBI conspiracy.

The FCIR’s Islamophobia Project is run by Trevor and Roqayah Chamseddine.

Roqayah has written for Mondoweiss, an anti-Semitic website which has published Holocaust deniers and runs articles with titles like, “Liberals like to deceive themselves about Jewish power.”

She has written at Electronic Intifada that the attackers would “smash the settler state” and destroy the “vast Zionist settler-colonial project, i.e. Israel”. She has defended Islamic terrorism against Jews, writing that the, “choice of what methods of resistance are used, be it armed or unarmed, are to be left entirely up to those occupied.”

At Mondoweiss, Roqayah Chamseddine also expressed support for Tarek Mehanna, who had been convicted of providing material support to Al Qaeda, and praised the Islamic terrorists of Hezbollah.

Roqayah praised Mehanna’s “powerful statement” in which the Al Qaeda supporter describes how he watched on “September 11th as a group of people felt driven to hijack airplanes and fly them into buildings from their outrage at the deaths of these children”.

islamhatehoax_small The Anti-Semitic Islamophobia Hoax Opinion

This is what the face of the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting’s Islamophobia Project looks like.

Despite this, the Islamophobia Project anticipates a grant from the Knight Foundation to fund its work. And the Islamophobia Project already promotes JVP’s so-called Network Against Islamophobia.

The Network Against Islamophobia and its “No to Islamophobia” events are actually designed to promote the JVP hate group. JVP or Jewish Voice for Peace consists of former Jews recruited to defend the Islamic war against the Jewish State. It is telling that “fighting Islamophobia” requires attacking Jews.

JVP has co-sponsored rallies featuring support for Hamas and its leader gave an interview to a Holocaust denial website. After outrage grew over this latest JVP act of hate, the hate group claimed that the interview had been obtained under “false pretenses”. Its bigots even disrupted a New York City Council memorialization of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

The “No to Islamophobia” events attacked and appropriated the Jewish celebration of Chanukah to spew hatred against the Jewish State. Instead of criticizing this ugly outpouring of bigotry to fight “Islamophobia”, the mainstream media wrote up glowing reports of the hate group’s anti-Semitic antics.

“No to Islamophobia” was interlinked with various Islamist hate groups including American Muslims for Palestine, a group with Hamas links that celebrated a murderer of Jews, and CAIR, which had invited a Holocaust denier to its conferences. Islamists have a history of awkwardly using fake Jewish allies like JVP in its campaigns to spread anti-Semitism and muzzle any conversation about Islamic terrorism.

A JVP protest against the 9/11 Museum featured a handful of elderly leftist radicals and Muslim women in burkas and young girls in hijabs holding up signs reading, “Jews Say No to Islamophobia”.

Not only was there no Islamophobia, but there were Islamists appropriating Jewish identity to protect the Islamic supremacism that is killing Jews, along with Christians, Yazidis and countless others.

There has recently been some debate over the intersection between Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. And there are explicitly anti-Semitic interpretations of this intersection by Islamists and their allies.

A familiar defense by Muslims accused of hating Jews is to argue that they are also “Semites”.  Some have even urged appropriating the term to refer to Islamophobia. This isn’t a denial of the accusation; it’s a shameless semantic move to eliminate the ability by Jews to call out Muslim anti-Semitism.

The more mainstream approach is to insist that Muslims are the “New Jews” on account of being the most persecuted minority. But even the recently “goosed” hate crimes statistics put the lie to that.

The rhetoric of Islamophobia inevitably trends toward colonialist messages, appropriating and displacing the identities and cultures of the groups persecuted by Islam. Mohammed founded Islam as a religion of colonialism. The Ummah model fosters an Islamic globalization in which Saudi, Iranian and Qatari money are used to consolidate a worldwide network of former colonies into a proposed Caliphate.

ISIS is a brute force derivative of a far more sophisticated global industry of Islamic colonialism.

Jews have always been the leading edge of resistance to Islamic colonialism. Mohammed’s religious colonialism appropriated Judaism and then sought to legitimize it by eliminating the Jews.

Modern Islamists continue to use the same Mohammedan anti-Semitic rhetoric internally; descriptions of Jews as “pigs and apes” or the “killers of prophets” abound in the literature and speeches of both “moderate” and “extremist” groups along with the infamous genocidal Hadith which claims that the Day of Judgement will not come until the Muslims exterminate the Jews.

But externally, Islamists have deployed a sophisticated vocabulary of political victimhood centered on the use of Islamophobia as a shield to silence criticism of their supremacist bigotry and violence.

The greatest victims of the Islamophobia narrative are the targets of Islamic violence.

Historically some of the greatest victims of Islamic supremacism, from Mohammed’s demand that the Jews and Christians be ethnically cleansed from the Arabian Peninsula to the last century of Islamic persecution with everything from pogroms with knives to sophisticated bombs, have been the Jews.

And yet to criticize Mohammed’s violence is “Islamophobic”. And the FBI’s effort to stop Muslim terror plots against Jewish synagogues is also somehow rooted in Islamophobia. Needless to say, Israel’s refusal to allow its population to be exterminated by Muslim colonialism is also Islamophobic.

Jews are the only surviving minority group in the region with their own independent state. The latest calls by the Islamic colonial project for its destruction come under the guise of fighting Islamophobia.

The Islamophobia hoax is not merely a denial of anti-Semitism. It enables anti-Semitism. The biggest proponents of the hoax, such as Hatem Bazian, have rich histories of persecuting and hating Jews.

Some Jewish organizations have come to believe that they ought to be fighting both Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. But that is as impossible as aiding both the perpetrators of crime and their victims. Muslim Anti-Semitism is enabled, empowered and protected by the Islamophobia narrative. The only way to fight back is to expose Islamophobia as the lie that Islamist bigots use to shield their bigotry.

  • DrArtaud

    FrontPageMagazine (FPM) is another site that has banned my comments. A test comment just now yielded this:

    We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by FrontPage Magazine. Find out more. Post as DrArtaud

    I used to appreciate the articles and commenting on FPM. With great reluctance I still refer people to articles there, ones I’m familiar with, I no longer visit the site.

    There are a few things at play.

    The first is that there apparently are Conservative Snowflakes. People that downvote, block user (as a fellow commenter), or block comments and commenter (as a moderator or site administrator) because they don’t want to hear views different than their own. Conservatives pumped out their chests and supported charlie hebdo (I don’t capitalize names of people or organizations I disrespect) and Pam Geller. Free Speech, it’s OK to mock muslims and muhammad (I’m OK with not respecting them until the day they take responsibility for their actions), liberals, democrats, etc., but on Conservative sites, criticizing police (when applicable) or Jews or Israel (when applicable), for example, brings scorn, block user (fellow commenter) or block comments and commenters (moderators etc.)

    As adults, we really should strive to live with fellow commenters that, on select issues, have views different than our own. Not trolls mind you, not people that incessantly comment saying the same thing over and over or make unsubstantiated claims, but when someone can substantiate what they say, or respectfully expresses views not in perfect sync with the trend for the site, banning comments and commenters with no real cause places the Conservative sites in the same light as the liberal sites we scorn due to their willful confinement of comments to all things liberal. It’s hypocritical to praise charlie hebdo or Pam Geller endeavors as being bold and gutsy and then use an electron microscope to peruse your regular commenters, or respectful visitors, for any variance from what you’re trying to convey to your readers.

    Secondly, anti-Semitism is “the” most hackneyed word in Conservative ranks. It’s lost it’s significance. I realize the Holocaust was a horror, but rather than discuss the 6 million Jews killed, I word it that nearly 12 million were killed, 6 million of which were Jews. We never hear anti-Catholic, it appears anti-Christian has some use, but anti-Semitism is the easiest to find a plethora of articles on, and usually in those articles it’s used ad nauseam. And Evangelical Christians have been incredibly respectful of Jews and Israel, but it pains me to say I’m not seeing Jews and Israel respectful of Evangelical Christians, in fact, quite the opposite as detailed in an article on FPM.

    Article Link at FPM: Why Jews Welcome Muslims

    …..something that many American Jews fear in their heart of hearts even more than they fear Moslem anti-Semitism…..white Christian anti-Semitism. Steinlight himself pointed to this phenomenon at a recent panel discussion hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies:

    “Every high profile Jewish institution, whether it’s a national organization or a major synagogue, is surrounded by concrete barriers to prevent car bombs exploding too close to the buildings. If you go through the lobbies into those buildings you have to pass metal detectors and double-doors of bulletproof glass. You are then frisked by security guards, mostly retired New York City police or Israeli agents, and then are scanned again with metal detectors.

    “What is truly comic about this… that the staffs of these organizations pass the car bomb barriers, go through the double bulletproof glass lobbies, get frisked, then go upstairs into their offices and spend their days talking about the threats posed by evangelical Christians….”

    For younger readers, or readers in denial, the following link is essential to visualizing the Holocaust, I can’t visit there and look at the graphic images without tearing up substantially.

    Article Link: World War II – The Holocaust

    Article Link: Non-Jewish Holocaust Victims : The 5,000,000 others: 5 million of those murdered were non-Jewish. Others were Nazi victims because of what they did, who they were, their genetic or cultural origins, or health conditions.

    I can appreciate that 2/3 of the Jews in some areas were heinously murdered, starved, and in some cases worse (rape, medical experiments, etc.), but we can’t ignore 5+ million people killed that were not Jews, and killed in ways just as reprehensible. And kids today were raised on fictional and actual violence, they watch Video Games where killing is constant, can see beheadings in some place or another on the internet, and likely many no longer associate with the significance of the Holocaust. It, and anti-Semitism, though, become a bludgeon to control people in the Conservative community. And this, IMHO, is why some sites so assiduously guard against comments perceived; with little introspection; as anti-Semitic or anti-Israel.

    The following is likely the reason I was blocked from commenting on FPM, but I still stick by it, it pertains to this article today, and to the topic on FPM at the time, a muslim display similar to Pam Geller’s but ridiculing the Holocaust.

    If it is promoting a new Holocaust, it should be censured. If it is mocking the Holocaust in Germany, and not advocating harm to modern Jews and non-Jews alike, we can’t say group X needs protection from mocking but it’s OK to mock group Y.

    sarah silverman, OMG, the things she says about Christ, it’ll straighten the hair of old ladies in curlers. [Link Omitted]

    If we want unrestrained free speech, be prepared to receive it as well as give it. If we want a protected group, be they muslims, Jews, or Christians, while ridiculing the others, I don’t find that reasonable.

    Really, to put aside the ludicrousness of this entire issue, for the first time ever I’ll use a Cruz quote, “This is a distraction.” And it is since muslims are making huge headway in taking over Europe and if my spidey senses are correct, will increasingly be doing the same here.

    A message from Brussels, to Trump, was made before the terrorism there. Trump said, in January, that he anticipated such problems in Brussels. [Link Omitted]

    I find such portrayals of the Holocaust offensive. Don’t think otherwise, but we’ll empower them by overreacting. sarah silverman does her puerile act because of the shock value. Pam Geller similarly. charlie hebdo definitely, it wasn’t even limited to mocking muslims (strangely enough though, one artist/author was fired for anti-Semitism). Despite all this, muslim refugees are destroying the people that welcomed them.

    Better that we see the depravity manifested in their art than some of us remain oblivious to the hatred manifested in their heart.

    Video Link: Trump – The Frog and the Scorpion

    I think U.S. / Israel relations will enter a new phase. Just as many departments in the U.S. have been grossly negligent with their financial responsibilities, I suspect that the billions that go to the Middle East and Israel will be reevaluated under Trump, they may see a decrease in financial support, but I expect U.S. / Israel relations to grow stronger with an affirmation of military support and a willingness to proudly stand by Israel, from the U.S., support that Israel can trust.