The battle between traditionalism and secularism

All men are endowed by their creator not their government. The American experience in all its glory is rooted in this basic tenet. Contrary to what liberals think or want us to believe we are and always have been a Judeo-Christian nation. We are a faith based nation that strongly believes in a higher power; and prides itself in being the greatest example of freedom and liberty the world has ever known. untitled The battle between traditionalism and secularism

With that being said this article will touch on a few very important points. The first point is an undeniable fact. We are a Judeo-Christian nation with a set of morals and values deeply rooted in those principles. The second point is that the modern day version of today’s Democrat party is very different from the ideals of the past. Finally, the last point will examine why American Jews overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.

For purposes of full disclosure I am not a Christian. I am a proud and unapologetic conservative. I also happen to be Jewish. I am what some might call a political anomaly. I am someone who believes passionately in traditional conservatism rather than secular liberalism. I am also pro-Christian and detest Christian bias just as much as I detest anti-Semitism.

Let’s take a look at the first point.

According to a 2011 Gallup Poll 78% of Americans identified themselves as being part of some sect of Christianity. The remaining 22% of respondents said they were not Christians; identified with a different religion altogether, or had no religious affiliation at all. So when liberals try to convince us that we are a secular nation it is just not true.

According to Wikipedia, the Bible that Jesus referred to was the Hebrew, or Old Testament. The New Testament was written down after the Ascension. For many years afterwards his Jewish followers considered themselves Messianic Jews. There was a slow transition from Judaism to Christianity; in which the Messianic Jews became Christians. The whole logic of Christianity is that it is the heir to Biblical Judaism.

Let’s fast forward to present day.

In 2009, while on his apologizing for America tour Barack Obama said this to an audience in Turkey, “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation, or a Jewish nation, or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens bound by our ideas and values.