The CBO says immigration reform will cut deficit

A new CBO study estimates that passing the Senate immigration reform bill would lead to a net increase of 10.4 million people residing in the United States — this compared to the projected increase if things were to stay the same.

 The CBO says immigration reform will cut deficit  nearly $900 billion per year.

Though I’m on the reformist side of this debate, I’m going to stick with my rock-ribbed belief that any economic study offering projections exceeding one or two years is merely guesswork.  And because of its constraints — having to base its calculations on current law — you should be particularly skeptical of the CBO’s guesswork. How can we possible calculate with any certainty the number of future Americans who will become eligible for means-tested federal welfare programs, or the future cost of Obamacare — already rising by the day — or even the state of the economy in five years? You can’t.