The Christian Case for Donald Trump

John Nolte, Daily Wire 

As appalled and disgusted as I am with the many #NeverTrump-ers who sanctimoniously thump their Bibles against those of us who disagree, as tempting as it is to return fire, that is not something I want to do here. Moreover, while there are too many mercenary players in the #NeverTrump movement, mercenaries driven only by their repulsive sense of superiority and selfishness, there are many of good conscience agonizing over what they see as an impossible choice.

I am here to make the case that not voting for Donald Trump is a moral mistake.

Let me back up for just a bit.

The saying goes, and the saying is true, that when you become a Christian your problems don’t go away, they have only just begun. For me those problems come primarily from the unceasing daily struggle in trying to make correct moral choices. 

Oh my, how peaceful life must be for those who, exhausted and demoralized by the culture wars, have withdrawn from this fight, or those who have entered the velvet-lined world of Above-It-All, where you need never defend your choices with anything more than imperious moral superiority and smug snark. But to do either is in my opinion a sin, the sin of cowardice and selfishness, and this is the sin of a #NeverTrump that– well, let me stop before I break my opening promise.   

You see, as Christians we are called upon to make our case for God. This is most frequently done in the example of our own lives, most especially in the way we make a million different choices. What makes this daily fight so agonizing is the fact that what is ultimately right and what is ultimately wrong is oftentimes difficult to discern, something that is far from clear-cut. Therefore, part of our mission is to sincerely work our way through the muck until we reach bottom.

 The secular world is complicated and nuanced and fraught with ethical sinkholes.

What I mean is that life, unfortunately, is not a monster movie. “Would that it were so simple”… if only life was a series of black and white confrontations between the Holy Sacrament and the snarling, soulless undead. But it is not, and that is the great anguish of being a Christian. The secular world is complicated and nuanced and fraught with ethical sinkholes. Combine this with the human and oftentimes Christian desire to be accepted, to surrender to the mob, and to strut one’s own piousness — hoo boy, mistakes are made.

On one side we face this impossible choice…

Yes, I see Trump for who and what he is. The ego, the swagger, the unrepentant machismo. Yes, his Christianity is as questionable as Obama’s. I’m also aware of the two divorces, the adultery, the piggish sense of entitlement that comes with fame and celebrity.

But on the other side is this impossible choice…

Oh, how easy it would be to retreat, to hide, to be in a no-lose situation, to loudly shun The Donald, to no longer have to defend my choice against unceasing charges of hypocrisy and the questioning of my faith, to slip into the waters with the Pious and the Snarkers and the Wrist-Flickers, to surrender to those who hold the cultural power to declare before the world that I am good and righteous, to feel their warm embrace…

But I have done what is required. I have dug deep into my own conscience only to discover at the bottom this Truth…

The idea that the 2016 election is not a binary choice is absurd. When people I respect make the opposite case, a little something in me dies on their behalf. I’m sorry but there is no amount of rationalization or greater-good gibberish that can ever wish away the undeniable fact that this is a race between only two people: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


vote4trump_small The Christian Case for Donald Trump Opinion

A left-of-center voter who does not vote for Hillary is indeed supporting Trump.

A right-of-center voter who does not vote for Trump is indeed supporting Hillary.

A right-of-center voter who does not vote for Trump is indeed supporting Hillary.

The best example is third party spoiler Evan McMullin. The only person who will benefit should McMullin take Utah’s electoral votes away from Trump is Hillary. You can shimmy around that truth. You can hand-jive in the hope we will all look over there. None of that changes the way it is. Period. End of story. Boom-chugga-lugga-lugga-boom. Sorry.

Among other horrors, a vote for Evan McMullin is a vote for taxpayer funded abortions and state-sanctioned religious oppression.

This I cannot abide.

This truth I cannot run from.

Voting for Trump is not an easy choice. That is not what I’m saying.

What I am saying is that voting for Trump is the only right thing to do, and for Christians doing the right thing can not only be difficult and require sacrifice, it can also be hard thing to live with.

Let me close by saying that I do not have the arrogance required to tell you whether or not God is working through a 70 year-old billionaire who sits on a gold toilet and jokes with strangers about grabbing a woman’s crotch.

What I do know is that God has worked through much  worse.