The œConvention of the States Movement Against Obama is Exploding

 Just a couple of months ago, about one hundred state legislators met at Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home, to discuss the possibility of holding a Convention of the States as an effort to fight Obama’s executive overreach.

As of now, multiple states are calling for an Article V Constitutional Convention in order to introduce a balanced budget amendment, term limits for federal officials, and reining in the power of the federal government.

Congress has always been the one to propose and ratify amendments to the Constitution; however, with their inaction and historically-low 9% approval rating, the states are taking the charge to fight tyranny.  


obamaactionfigure_small The œConvention of the States Movement Against Obama is Exploding

For this to work, at least two-thirds of the states (34+) must propose an amendment and then for the amendment to be ratified, three-quarters of the states (38+) must approve it.

It’s only been two months since the Mount Vernon Assembly and people are already taking action:

•Alabama Calls for “Convention of the States” to Stop Obama

Alabama’s House of Representatives just passed a resolution calling for a Convention of the States under Article V of the Constitution.

The resolution would explicitly limit the purpose of the Convention to three issues…

•REBELLION: Georgia House Passes “Convention of the States” Application

In case you haven’t heard, support for an Convention of the States has been exploding. This comes as states across the country have finally woken up and realized they have the power to halt an overbearing federal government.

Georgia’s House of Representatives just overwhelmingly passed HR1215, an application for an Article V Convention…

•Movement of State Lawmakers Trying to Force the Feds to Balance the Budget

As of this writing, the national debt is $17,322,630,658,702 and rising. By the time you read this, it will be even higher. The federal government recently reported that they ran “only” a $680 billion deficit for 2013. […]

Because of this irresponsible “leadership,” state lawmakers are calling for a constitutional convention to add an amendment to the Constitution forcing the federal government to balance the budget…

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