The Deep State Bumps Off General Flynn. Who’s the Next Target?


I. The Main Stream Media’s Victory Lap 

The Deep State has done its dirty work, getting rid of Michael Flynn, the now-former national security adviser to President Trump.  And so the MSM, having taken direction—even dictation—from the Deep State, is moving in for the kill.  The ultimate target, of course, is Trump himself.  

The Washington Post, which has long hated Republicans, and Trump in particular, is leading the charge.  On February 15, seven of the eight top stories on its online home page were anti-Flynn, anti-Trump—and, of course, pro-MSM.

Let’s take a closer look: The Post seemed particularly proud of this moment-by-moment account, known in the trade as a “tick-tock”: “Flynn’s swift downfall: From a phone call in the Dominican Republic to a forced resignation at the White House.”  And yet the Post was just getting warmed up.  Here’s another headline: “Flynn episode ‘darkens the cloud’ of Russia that hangs over Trump administration.”  

Virgil-Flynn-WaPo The Deep State Bumps Off General Flynn. Who’s the Next Target? News

From there, the Post moved on to stories emphasizing what it saw as chaos in the White House: “Flynn departure erupts into a full-blown crisis for the Trump White House.” 

And the paper added this bit of ominousness: “Senators from both parties pledge to deepen probe of Russia and the 2016 election.”  The Post’s guiding idea, of course, is that responsible leaders on both sides of the aisle are horrified by Trump, and so they are contemplating appropriate action.  

What sort of appropriate action?  Well, for starters, it would be a thorough investigation, but, after that, maybe forced resignation or impeachment.  And to that end, the Post helpfully offered its readers a guide to the hoped-for Watergate 2.0; as another headline read, “Flynngate? Kremlingate? Russiagate? The gate’s out of the gate.”

Meanwhile, others in the MSM are piling on as well.  Politico has whipped up such hot headlines as “Flynn’s ouster leads to more chaos in Trump world: The former national security adviser is only one of the White House’s many problems.”  And then, striving to give the storyline legs by taking it beyond Flynn, the news site added: “Who Told Flynn to Call Russia? Let’s stop focusing on the resignation, and start focusing on the real issue here: The mystery of Trump’s Russia ties.”  

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