The Embarrassment of the Flawed Website

The fact that the website has not been in operation for weeks as the major bill is discussed simply shows the secretive way in which a so-called democracy functions.

hcdotgov_final_small The Embarrassment of the Flawed Website

The shutdown of the website has stifled the public’s ability to become informed about a major law that ultimately only impacts them. Members of Congress have the ability to opt out of the healthcare law provisions, so perhaps they do not understand the pains that are being felt by the typical middle and lower-class home in the United States.

Students may be the ones who are most harmed by the failure of the website. Take a few seconds to browse the Facebook status updates of typical graduate students in the United States, and you will likely find that these students are fretting about being able to afford having a health insurance policy at $200 or more per month. Most graduate students are barely making it by on an income that falls drastically below poverty levels in the United States. Now, these students are expected to purchase healthcare insurance that lacks the coverage they once would have enjoyed.

Many students and low-income people would rather not have health insurance than be the “experimental guinea pigs” of a healthcare law gone wrong. These are the individuals who will be hit the hardest in the next 30 years before healthcare insurance rates finally “level out” in the marketplace. They will have to find new ways to survive and deal with this marketplace that now offers them unfair prices for health insurance. The website is fundamentally flawed, because individuals have no way of knowing how much they will have to pay in penalty fees if they choose not to have health insurance.

Many visitors of the website have already complained about the calculator on the website. They have stated that the calculator does not offer the correct figures for the penalty fees that one will owe if they do not elect to receive health insurance. In addition, the website has a tendency to freeze up. Many people also have trouble simply logging into the website. It seems that the merely reveals that way in which democracy tends to marginalize the majority of middle and lower-class people in the United States.

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