The Enemies of our 1st Amendment Resort to Threats and Intimidation


1st-amendment The Enemies of our 1st Amendment Resort to Threats and Intimidation  Well it would seem that the false flag shootings have literally been crammed right back into the international insurgency’s face, as not only were we the people not frightened into cutting back on our guns and ammunition purchases, but each false flag resulted in an increase.

Our enemies are desperate and are now implementing a new tactic, which is selective attack on selected individuals via the soviet psychiatric scam. You see it works like this.
The powers that be, who are already monitoring everything we are saying to one another on the internet, select a victim and like magic there is a phone call reporting a person who might be dangerous because of what they are posting online. This person is then kidnapped by the Gestapo, hence incarcerated, without any due process of law and held incommunicado in a psychiatric ward for evaluation.

This action is perpetrated to test the water in two pools.

One, it puts forth the assertion that the insurgent government has acquired some new authority to arrest and detain basing their actions on nothing more than an anonymous phone call. Our enemies would like to have this authority and this is indeed what the propaganda campaign for the Aurora theater shooting was designed to push. They want to instill fear in us, fear of purchasing items they have declared unnecessary for us to possess, though they are items we can lawfully possess. They couldn’t get rid of the lawfully so they think intimidation will work.

Secondly, this is a form of gun confiscation as one of the people who was unconstitutionally and illegally detained for exercising his constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of speech was told he would be released if he would surrender his firearms. The notion here is to instill in us a fear of speaking out about our right to use our firearms to defend our freedoms and liberties.

When an American national can be accosted for repeating the declarations made by our founding fathers, well I guess it’s time remove a tyrannical government as we can no longer so much as speak freely to one another.

We should meet these attempts of coercion just like we met those put forth via the false flag shootings. Thus if you are putting up ten comments a day, pointing out to your fellow Americans the activities of this treasonous insurgent government, put out twenty, then ten more a day for each additional patriot they illegally arrest and detain.

We must let our enemies know that we do not fear them and that we know that they are literally shaking in their boots, as well they should be.

Let me make this clear to all you soviet and national socialist insurgents. We do intend to arrest, prosecute, and punish you for your attempt at conquering our country and removing our rights under our Constitution. And that, as intended by our founding fathers, is what our guns are for.

God bless our Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.