The Extreme Left Controls the Media


Most members of the mainstream media are to the left… but not many are to the hard left.

That’s because most hard-left activists work directly in politics. They’re the shock troops of the Democratic Party and the Obama administration.

Yet, somehow, these hard-left activists have an amazing ability to control the opinions of the mainstream media.

How do they do it? Well, whenever the mainstream media steps out of line, it’s excoriated by hard-left bloggers. These ideologues intimidate the more moderate leftists in the news media with continued frontal assaults. Finally, the shell-shocked mainstream pundits fall into line.

democrateextreme-feature_small The Extreme Left Controls the Media

Don’t believe me? Then listen to the story of Ezra Klein.

mediabias_small1 The Extreme Left Controls the Media

An Aggressive Model (But is it Broken?)

Klein is a leftist journalist who had the audacity to write about his issues with the Obamacare website while working for The Washington Post.

His words were immediately savaged by the farther-left blogger, Joan Walsh, who was working for Salon magazine. She penned a harsh critique, headlined: “Liberal pundit fail: Rush to attack Obamacare site only aids unhinged right.”

Here’s what Walsh wrote about Klein: “Ezra Klein then picked up the cudgel, telling the crew at MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ where every Obama misstep foretells the end of his presidency, that the Health and Human Services Department is covering up a ‘massive management failure,’ because they had enough pre-launch information to know there were going to be massive problems, and neither adjusted their rollout plan or prepared the public. That’s fair, but then Klein took to Twitter and began sharing his experience [about] trying to sign up for healthcare over the phone, and complained about ‘the lack of hold music.’”

Klein quickly jumped back in line after being reprimanded by Walsh. You see, nobody in the mainstream media wants to be criticized by the hard-left bloggers. And the hard-left bloggers see no wrong in Obama, thus enforcing a type of groupthink amongst their media brethren.

The effectiveness of this cadre was highlighted in a recent National Journal article by James Oliphant: “Pick an issue, from the Affordable Care Act to Ukraine, to the economy, to controversies involving the Internal Revenue Service and Benghazi, and you’ll find the same voices again and again, on the web and on Twitter, giving the president cover while savaging the opposition. And typically doing it with sharper tongues and tighter arguments than the White House itself.”

Under this reign of terror, right-of-center voices have just about disappeared from the mainstream media altogether. A recent study of reporters’ political registration shows the media is more left than at any point in history.

POLITICO Magazine reported, “The percentage of full-time U.S. journalists who claim to be Republican dropped from 18% in 2002, to 7.1% in 2013, according to a study by Indiana University professors Lars Willnat and David H. Weaver. In 1971, the first time [that] the survey was conducted (this is its fifth incarnation), some 25.7% of journalists polled said they identified as Republican.”

Of course, there are two sides to this coin. The mainstream media’s historically biased coverage of Obama has shunned a huge number of audience numbers and facilitated record-breaking growth for FOX News and a constellation of conservative news websites.

Maybe, just maybe, these over-the-top hard leftists have caused the mainstream media to become such a caricature of its spineless, do-nothing self, that the business model is irreparable.

After all, Americans want news on which they can rely… not left-of-center propaganda.