Rachel Jeantel, the bumbling simpleton-witness from the Zimmerman trial, was on with Piers Morgan this week and she implied that Trayvon thought that George, the “creepy ass cracka,” might be a gay rapist.  How uncomfortable for the overly zealous rainbow warrior, Piers?  Awkward! 
But what a missed opportunity for the defendant – imagine if this would have come out in cross-examination?  Zimmerman’s lawyers really blew that one.  They did procure an acquittal but they could have conjured up a lot more, missing a golden opportunity to split the secular Sanhedrin and play the “Gay Card” against the “Race Card.” 
Imagine if the defense would have said that Zimmerman had propositioned Trayvon and the thug in the hoodie responded by bashing his head into the sidewalk?  Not only would Zimmerman have walked, he never would have been charged and he’d be weighing all the offers from Hollywood and deciding between publishers. 
The President would have said, “If I had a gay son, he would look just like Jorge.”  Skittles and hoodies would now be a sign of gay bashing, mentioned in the same sentence and with the same invective as sentences that end with “Matthew Shepard.”  
Piers Morgan and Joy Behar would come to blows in the ensuing tug-of-war over Zimmerman as a guest and Jason Collins would be looking to hook-up.  Fundamentally, the “Gay Card” beats any card in the deck, unless a Republican plays it; then it loses all its mojo.  Just ask Mark Foley. 
Much like the child of the pasty-white, liberal activist who said, “I wish I was black,” there is nothing more chic in Hollywood these days than playing the “Gay card.”  To get a little vibe going, even the “straight” actors may have their publicist float a bi-sexual rumor to land the role of the brooding vampire. 
Snooki, everyone’s favorite tramp-next-door, says that she’s “praying I have a gay little boy one day.”   And I’m pretty sure she means a baby boy and not a day with Justin Bieber.  Just which deity is the object of a Snooki supplication is a bit confounding but I guess hoping for a gay son is the natural progression from a purse pooch.   
And then there’s the new Australian PSA that features a smiling expectant couple at an ultra sound appointment.  As the wand moves the jelly around the belly, the technician asks, “So, do you want to know what you’re having?”  With great anticipation the couple says they do; then with rapturous joy they receive the blessing, “Congrats, you’re having a lesbian!” 
Possibly as a defense mechanism to distinguish him from the much more adept Tobey Maguire, the  “new” Spiderman, Andrew Garfield, wants to explore Peter Parker’s sexuality by playing him as a bi-sexual or even a homosexual – “And I was like, ‘What if MJ is a dude?’  Why can’t we discover that Peter is exploring his sexuality?  It’s hardly even groundbreaking! … So why canhe be gay?  Why canhe be into boys?” 
Yeah, sounds peachy doesn’t it Mrs. Cleaver?  Maybe Spiderman can use his web slinging for a rough tumble with the Rhino and then we could add bestiality and BDSM to Pandora’s ever growing alphabet!  “With great power comes great debauchery,” said Uncle Ben … never!
Hassan Nurullah, blogger at Digital Publius and former owner of a string of comic book stores told me recently, “Sin withers people, it withers society and the hypocrisy of those [the homosexual lobby] pushing this on society … If they think it’s so normative or that it will be so widely accepted by the marketplace, why not test that out?  You wouldn’t take an established character and make him gay; you would just create new characters that are gay?” 
And that’s just the problem with a degenerative campaign; it has no creative power of its own so it targets a healthy organism, attaches itself and destroys it from within.  The perfect example of this is what recently took place in the Boy Scouts of America.  After fighting the good fight to the very steps of the Supreme Court and winning, the BSA board sold their soul like a Thai pimp selling an under-aged trick to the highest bidder.  Homosexuals didn’t start their own youth organization; they targeted, hounded and pressured the Scouts until they waved the pink flag. 
The decision, of course, would have been completely logical if the BSA board was made up of Michael Jackson, Jerry Sandusky, the complicit Catholic Bishops and Malia and Sasha; but to the supporters of the Boy Scouts who actually take the whole “honor” thing seriously; it was the straw that broke the mountains back. 
And to those of you who think that it’s a good development that the Scouts are so welcoming and flexible now, you might want to consider the group of people that they recently “banned” from their Jamboree – fat kids.  That’s right!  In a move that would make Oscar Wilde blush, the Scouts schwing the tent flap open for sodomy and fellatio and tell obesity to “go long.”  Welcome to the new BSA: The Boy Scouts of Ameriqueer!
America used to be hallowed ground.  With our culture, our institutions and two generations of sheeple becoming increasingly hostile to all things sacred, she has become a battleground.  And it seems that most Christians are content to watch from the playground.  While Americans are deciding whether Kaitlyn Hunt is a hero or a statutory rapist and whether Bradley Manning has earned the gallows or a GLAAD award for courage, more and more ground is lost without a shot being fired.  We are being over run by the barbarians and no one is minding the gate. 
Michael Medved seems to have illustrated the route well by pointing to the trajectory of two baseball teams: the St. Louis Cardinals and the Seattle Mariners. 
At home games in St. Louis, the groundskeeper responsible with preparing the pitcher’s mound used to draw a cross and an ichthys in the dirt until one man’s complaint prompted the management to issue an apology and to ban the gesture from ever happening again; while in Seattle, against the wishes of hundreds of fans and thousands of complainants, the smug Mariners flew the rainbow flag during Gay Pride week.  How long before the rainbow banner is unfurled over the White House?