The Government’s War on Parental Rights

Recent developments have proven to be an arduous battle for parents that wish to raise their children as they see fit and to determine which, if any, allopathic medical treatments their children become subjected to. Many of the cases that I have covered through my journalistic efforts through blogs and my five day a week radio program on Natural News Radio (1)have concerned me greatly as I see the fight coming to a thunderous and sometimes outright scandalous outcome.

080103-painfulshot-hmed-2p.grid-4x2 The Government’s War on Parental Rights  Of the many examples that I could raise for this article, none seem to be as blatant as the vaccine issues that concern so many parents today. In late 2011, the California Senate passed and Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 499 (2) which allowed young children as young as 12 to “consent