The Jury Is Still Out

David Limbaugh,

Where am I with the #NeverTrump movement? Well, I almost never say “never.” Notice I qualified that “never” with “almost.”

I have said consistently throughout this campaign that I would support the Republican Party’s nominee. As the campaign has progressed, I’ve also said it would be increasingly difficult to honor that pledge.

This has nothing to do with sour grapes. Though I supported Rick Santorum in 2012, I full-throatedly endorsed Mitt Romney when he captured the nomination, realizing he is a decent man and light years better than Obama. In 2008 I ended up holding my nose for John McCain.

This year is different. Not only was I supporting the best Reagan conservative since Ronald Reagan, but his primary opponent is more objectionable than most GOP candidates in my lifetime.

Admittedly, Hillary Clinton is the worst Democratic nominee since Obama and could be a worse president. She could complete Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.