The lynching of Riley Cooper

Josh Bernstein

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper made a mistake. There is no question what he said at a Kenney Chesney concert was offensive. He has since apologized for his comments and even agreed to seek counseling. One would think this would all be enough but unfortunately for Riley it was not.

In the ultra sensitive world of political correctness what Riley Cooper said could potentially end his career. The N. F. L. has turned on him much in the same way they did to Jimmy the Greek all those years ago.

rileycooper_small The lynching of Riley Cooper

The race-baiters and poverty pimps that use racial comments and slurs to exploit victimhood and divisiveness in the Black community are truly pathetic. If Riley Cooper was Black and he used the words “White Honky” or “Cracker” the media would remain silent; however when a White person says something racist against Blacks suddenly everyone wants to lynch him.

There is a growing problem in this country when it comes to racism. The problem is not racism against Blacks. The problem is racism against Whites. The Media, Hollywood, and the Sports Entertainment industries love to paint Whites as racists any chance they can get. An opportunity to exploit, chastised, ridicule, and destroy someone who is White is something they just can’t pass up.

The Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s of the world survive by making sure those in the Black community feel slighted, left out, disregarded, and oppressed. They use divisiveness and victimization in order to fan the flames of hatred so they can keep themselves more relevant. These poverty pimps are always front and center when a White person is accused of racism against a Black person; but they are missing in action when the tables are turned.

Where were these so called civil rights leaders when four Black men and one Black woman gang-raped, robbed, and murdered a White Tennessee couple? Where was the outrage from the leftist media when two 16 year old Black kids poured gasoline on a 13 year old White kid and set him on fire? Where were the candle light vigils for the random Black on White beatings that took place all across the country in reaction to the Trayvon Martin verdict?

I rest my case.

If the Black community really wants to be outraged about something maybe they ought to take a look at what is happening every single day in their own neighborhoods. There is an absolute holocaust going on in the inner cities of America. Over 85% of murders in the Black community are the result of Black on Black crime. Over 60% of all babies that are born in the Black community are born to unwed mothers.

These babies then grow up without a father and therefore many of them grow up to be angry young men. As a result, many of these young men then gravitate towards gangs in order to rid themselves of those feelings of abandonment. The truth is to some of these kids the gang life is the first time in their lives they have experienced a sense of family and acceptance.

Sadly our nation has never been more divided. There is an ideological struggle taken place in America that transcends both Black and White. There are numerous factions working in unison that are designed to divide us rather than unite us. These phony outrages over Riley Cooper’s comments are just another example of those factions at work.