The Most Powerful Weapon We (still) Have is Voting, Our Defense Against Tyranny

Dr. Michael Ford,

Voting – The First Line of Defense Against Tyranny

When I heard a candidate for high office say half her opponent’s supporters belonged in a basket of deplorables I was offended and not just because she was using a word that is not part of proper English grammar. What really troubled me was not that she called people something that is worthy of censure or contempt, a word (in the singular) that can be more appropriately used of something like the living conditions of masses of our forgotten unemployed living in tent cities. What troubled me was the use of the word irredeemable in the same sentence.

Though I am primarily involved in studying ancient history, the Third Reich was a subject I spent a lot of time on studying European history while residing in Germany. (There may be some who remember a little booklet I wrote called the Nazi Occult Connection some years back.) When I heard people called irredeemable my mind immediately returned to the Nuremburg Laws.

The N├╝rnberger Gesetze were introduced by the Nazi Party in 1935 and began to be implemented as they siezed more and more power. First against the Jews; then against the Romani (gypsies), it expanded to include people of black skin, but did not stop there. Germans of low IQ were also targeted, and then the list grew longer and longer to include any the power elite identified as “irredeemable” calling many by the evolutionary term subhuman.

vote_small The Most Powerful Weapon We (still) Have is Voting, Our Defense Against Tyranny Voters

Now I know the leftists do not like conditions today being compared with anything having to do with the Nazis. They have done their very best to dumb down our educational system so the trends of the modern day toward globalism and control by a ruling elite are not recognized.

But the tendency toward forgotten history to repeat itself is inescapable. One of the things many Germans did was selling their votes and selling them cheaply. Today many Americans are selling their votes for promises already broken in the past. Another tendency among many Germans was to ignore what was going on in their own country. Let others handle it. By the time they woke up they had lost their basic rights, their children, and even the freedom to worship without government interference.

Voting at this point is the essential first line of defense against tyranny. Becoming involved in what is going on in your Nation, State, and even your local governments should be the resolution for everyone offended by the calling of people deplorable and irredeemable. After all, people in power who really believe such things, no matter their political party are just a few thoughts away from deciding such people should be euthanized!