The most retweeted tweet of 2013

It’s that time of year again. Yes, yes, the holidays. But in addition to garlands and lights, lists of highlights from the previous 12 months abound.

BQW1m6ACIAEPtM9_small The most retweeted tweet of 2013

Facebook has its “Most Talked About in 2013” list, Tumblr has a whole blog dedicated to “Year in Review,” and Instagram released top trends and posts of 2013.

Twitter also isn’t letting us forget what we tweeted about this year. It breaks down 2013 by month and by four topics: news, entertainment, sports and showcase.

The micro-blogging site also shows us which 2013 tweets got the most retweets. Not surprisingly, they all fall into the celebrity category.

Twitter said “Glee” star Lea Michele‘s first public comment about the death of her boyfriend and costar Cory Monteith garnered the most retweets – peaking at 408,266 shares (the tweet now shows 395,170 retweets).


Next comes a tweet announcing the death of actor Paul Walker with 400,367 retweets, followed by One Direction band member Niall Horan’s tweet about his 20th birthday, which currently shows 367,307 retweets.

Those are pretty impressive numbers, but they didn’t beat 2012’s winner – a @BarackObama post-reelection tweet showing the president hugging his wife.

A7EiDWcCYAAZT1D_small The most retweeted tweet of 2013