A “Black” Church burns in the USA and the race-baiters of the mainstream media get all stoked up!  They get to resurrect their Mississippi Burning script again.  But dozens of “Black” Churches burn in Bill Kristol’s Arab Spring and the presstitutes want to talk about Bradley Manning’s sentence, Lindsay Lohan’s birthday and Will Smith’s divorce.
As a Christian and an American citizen, I am calling on the President of the United States to immediately offer asylum to the Christians in Egypt who are under extreme and life threatening duress! 
As Israel in the ’80’s and ’90’s accomplished in Operations Moses and Solomon with their airlifts of Ethiopian Jews from hostile areas; the Christians of the world are calling on you Mr. President to airlift this beleaguered minority before this becomes the first anti-Christian pogrom in Egypt in nearly 700 years.
Maybe you and the Mrs. could forego the next few vacations and divert a plane or two to the Coptic Christians who are being targeted?  Maybe your dog could fly coach?
Maybe you can really take up arms in the war against women and make a call to one of your brothers in the Ummah – tell them to stop parading Nuns around in the streets like they’re Nazis at Nuremburg?  Maybe you and your National Security staff could worry less about optics and more about Coptics?  Maybe you could pretend this is a do over for Benghazi and actually act responsibly on this one? 
Is it possible that instead of criticizing Kim and Kayne for their success you could criticize the Muslim Brotherhood for their excess?  Maybe the dude that made the Joseph Kony video could make one about Egypt and then the press corps would have to ask, and your spokes-devil would have to answer?  Maybe, for a change, your actions could match your soaring rhetoric? 
Maybe you could act as an American President who professes to be a Christian and come to the aid of a real persecuted class?  Maybe if you were told George Zimmerman was burning churches in Africa you would respond?  Maybe if you had a son, he’d be a Coptic Christian who wore a hoody and drank “lean?”  Maybe you can pretend the Muslim Brotherhood is Obamacare and you can grant the Coptics a waiver?
Maybe you could ask “What Would Jesus Do?” or in the very least, “What Would Putin Do?”  Maybe the first lady could ease off the whole panty raid on our kids’ lunch boxes and ask the international community to help?  Maybe your Secretary of State could take a sabbatical from his kite surfing marathon and make a few phone calls?
Maybe you could watch “Thirteen Days” or at least “Air Force One” and see how a President handles a crisis?  Maybe you could pretend that the Coptic Christians were actually Syrian Rebels and send them arms and aid?  Maybe you could pretend they were a Mexican drug cartel!
Maybe you peel off a drone or two from watching Beck’s ranch or Limbaugh’s mansion and you could introduce the next Jihadi who gets within 100 feet of a Coptic church with anything bigger than a birthday candle to the business end of a Hellfire missile? 
And maybe, just maybe, for the first time since you made that promise in Grant Park about bringing America together, you would enjoy the gratitude and the respect of all Americans?  
In all seriousness friends, we cannot depend on this President to act; on every occasion, he has proven to be a reliable Marxist and therefore a despicable excuse for a human being.  Up until this point he has lived by his father’s dreams and Alinsky’s rules, why should he waver now? 
About a month before the breakdown of the Morsi regime in Egypt, I had the privilege of interviewing for the Uncommon Show, Avi Lipkin, an expert in Middle-Eastern affairs and Israeli security, and one of the few legitimate voices that predicted the events of September 11th.  What he said was absolutely stunning. 
Lipkin predicted the fallout of the “Arab Spring” and said that Obama knew what was coming and would welcome it because he has every intention of picking up after it fails and welcoming in possibly hundreds of thousands of “Muslim refugees.”  If Lipkin is right then we know that the President will treat the cry of our Coptic brothers and sisters in the same way he treated the pleading of our Ambassador and former Navy Seals in Benghazi – with cold, hard indifference, a little sleep, and then a fund raiser. 
But we too have a chance to regard again the events of Benghazi and this time, make a difference.  The Christian voice worldwide must rise – rise up to the throne room of God and then echo in the war rooms of every State Department of man.  Prominent Christian voices that have up to now focused on “fad diets and global warming” must shirk off the nonsense of men and take up the banner of our brothers and sisters … of our Lord.
Christians must come together and they must do more than pray.  When Moses lingered in prayer on the edge of the sea, God asked of him, “Why do you continue to cry to me? … Lift up your staff!”  That same God told Joshua, “Get up! Why have you fallen on your face?”  There is a time to pray my friends and so let us pray; and there is also a time to pick up stones!