The September Jobs Lie


numbers-never-lie The September Jobs Lie  As predicted right here on From the Trenches World Report over a year ago, the mainstream propagandists and the Zionists they serve have lied the unemployment rate down to under 8% in time for the election. Considering their new, and in reality their now third, mechanism for creating these false numbers, they may well lie the unemployment rate down under 7% next month, as originally predicted on this site two years ago.

Their newest method being implemented to perpetuate the lie of the unemployment rate is a survey. They conducted a survey and said they determined that 850,000 of those people, previously categorized as not looking for work and out of the work force, have actually been working, evidently outside both the public and private sector.
Now wait a minute. Now that just can’t be, as there is no third sector….that is until now. So what they are actually saying here is 850,000 of us have been working while being counted as no longer in the labor force. And once again, and now from two angles, they are using the same number to take away from the equation on both ends.

Also to be considered is that these 850,000 jobs are not jobs wherein an employee is working for an employer, thus in no way can they be said to be producing a minimum wage income.

They are now counting everyone out here doing anything they can to scrounge up enough resource to keep from starving to death, as working, but in the same instance these same people will still be counted as low life lazy Americans who just don’t want to work.

They have to be running out of ways to count and recount us, categorize and re-categorize us in this pathetic attempt to hide the fact that our number in reality is 80 to 100 million. This undeniable reality dispels any illusion that any majority of our people want either the ex-CEO of Bain Capital, Mitt Romney, or General Electric’s lapdog, Barack Obama, as our president.

It is a fact that there are 100 million Americans out here, voters, who will absolutely not vote for either one of these traitors, hence the election, by every definition, is an absolute fraud.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.