The Transgender President: Inside Obama’s effort to fundamentally transform America

Edmund Kozak

A homeless woman in a women-only shelter is raped by a man pretending to be a trans woman. An eight-year-old girl is strangled by a man in a Chicago-area restaurant’s ladies’ room. A young man who lives his life as a woman is heartbroken when heterosexual men aren’t interested in him/her. A beautiful young girl who believes she is somehow gender-neutral is so troubled by her breasts she begs strangers on the Internet to help her pay to have them cut off.

The promotion of gender identity theory is nothing less than the absolute denial of objective truth.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to progress. And most of all, welcome to Obama’s America.

The Obama administration is aggressively forcing far-left gender identity theory on the American people, creating utter confusion in the process. But the radical Chicago cabal in the White House — which has taken every opportunity to impose its progressive vision on America — may finally have gone too far.

Americans across the country are reacting furiously to the Justice Department’s edict that public schools must allow boys to use girls’ restrooms and locker rooms and vice versa if, of course, they identify as another sex.

“We are in the waning months of the Obama presidency, and he’s trying to cram down as many parts of his liberal agenda on the United States of America as he possibly can,” said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has vowed to fight the administration.

Obama’s imperial edict is based on a wildly broad interpretation of the Civil Rights Act: When Congress prohibited discrimination based on sex, the Obama administration tells us, it not only prohibited discrimination based on one’s actual sex, but discrimination against mentally ill persons who believe themselves to be the opposite gender — or in some case, no gender all (or even multi-gendered).

That would indeed have been a remarkable feat for Congress at the time, considering that in 1964 the terms “transgender” and “gender dysphoria” did not exist. So how did we ever get here?

Troubled Times
The Obama administration’s sudden sweeping action came in response to North Carolina’s HB2 — a law passed to reaffirm the hitherto accepted fact that men must use men’s facilities and women must use women’s facilities. As far as Obama is concerned, however, such common sense measures are apparently on par with Jim Crow. So as ruler of America, he waved his mighty scepter.

Of course, the fact that a law affirming that one must use the bathroom that corresponds with one’s sex is entirely different from a law banning black people from public accommodation is irrelevant to the Democratic Party. Its entire strategy since Reagan has been to depict itself as the party of progress and tolerance — in contrast to the GOP, the supposed party of reaction and intolerance.

Democrats prey on the emotions of voters, especially young ones, who think with their hearts and not their minds, voters who care more about how a policy makes them feel than they do about how that policy actually affects the country. That very motive was behind Obama’s sudden epiphany about gay marriage — he was against it while running for office, then changed to being for it so he could lock down the youth vote in 2012.

To Democrats, those who revere life become misogynists waging a “war on women,” Christians opposed to changing the age-old definition of marriage become “homophobic,” and police officers just doing their jobs become “racists.” Now that gay marriage is the law of the land, it seems the Democrats need a new victim group — enter transgenders — and those who ascribe to the old-fashioned idea that men are men and women are women are now anti-transgender bigots.

trannies_small The Transgender President: Inside Obama's effort to fundamentally transform America

Transgenders’ Emotions vs. Women’s Safety
But proponents of these so-called “anti-transgender” laws argue they are designed to protect women — that arbitrary and loosely worded policies that allow people to use facilities “that conform to their gender identity” are ripe for exploitation by sexual predators.

“This isn’t about equal rights,” said Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. “This isn’t about being against anyone or anti-any person. This is about common sense, common decency, and allowing women to have comfort when they’re in the bathroom.”

North Carolina’s HB2, for example, was designed explicitly to “protect women and children from predators and sexual offenders and so forth going into bathrooms freely,” said the state’s Lt. Gov. Dan Forest. Such concerns are not unfounded.

In 2012, Christopher Hambrook — who had already served four years for molesting a five-year-old girl — gained entry to a women’s shelter in Toronto with progressive gender policies by claiming to be a trans woman named Jessica. The man terrorized the women in the shelter and raped at least one of them.

On May 7 this year, a man entered a women’s restroom in a Chicago-area restaurant and proceeded to choke an eight-year-old girl. As more and more institutions and places of business allow for restroom use based on gender identity as opposed to actual, biological sex, incidents like these will only occur more frequently.

Yet the Obama administration, cheered on by the LGBTQ lobby, maintains that women and girls must sacrifice their safety and security for the self-esteem of a tiny fraction of the population.

Spreading Confusion
While transgender-friendly bathroom policies clearly pose an immediate danger to women and girls’ safety, society’s wider acceptance of gender identity theory — and the Obama administration’s advocacy thereof — could do irrevocable damage to society, confusing generations of children to come.

As much as the progressives would like to pretend that the fight for transgender rights is on par with the fight for racial equality, the reality is otherwise. The promotion of gender identity theory is nothing less than the absolute denial of objective Truth with a capital “T.”

Despite what a trans person may believe — and what the Obama administration says — gender is a biological fact determined by genetics. A human male is a human male because he is an X-Y-chromosomed, sperm-producing member of the human species. Likewise, a human female is a human female because she is an X-X-chromosomed, non-mobile-ova-producing member of the human species.

Presumably, children will still be taught as much at school. But they’ll also be taught that a man can really be woman if he feels like he is. The lexicon of Orwellian newspeak that has been introduced as part of gender identity theory — cisgendered, nonbinary, zee, zyr, etc. — will only add to the confusion. And bathrooms will, apparently, spout up like daisies after a spring rain, one for every possible subcategory.

A Bleak Future
In March, the American College of Pediatricians, worried about the increasing trend of transgender children and teens being subjected to Mengelian procedures like hormone therapy or sex reassignment surgery, issued a statement titled “Gender Ideology Harms Children.”

“People who identify as ‘feeling like the opposite sex’ or ‘somewhere in between’ do not comprise a third sex. They remain biological men or biological women … A person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking,” the statement reads.

“When an otherwise healthy biological boy believes he is a girl, or an otherwise healthy biological girl believes she is a boy, an objective psychological problem exists that lies in the mind not the body, and it should be treated as such. These children suffer from gender dysphoria … a recognized mental disorder.”

Transgender advocates, however, effectively insist that gender dysphoria is an orientation, an inherent part of individual identity that should be encouraged and respected, and not a mental disorder which should be treated as such.

The ACP’s statement notes also that “according to the DSM-V, as many as 98 percent of gender-confused boys and 88 percent of gender-confused girls eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty.”

It notes also, sadly, that “rates of suicide are twenty times greater among adults who use cross-sex hormones and undergo sex reassignment surgery, even in Sweden which is among the most LGBTQ-affirming countries.”

“What compassionate and reasonable person would condemn young children to this fate, knowing that after puberty as many as 88 percent of girls and 98 percent of boys will eventually accept reality and achieve a state of mental and physical health?” it asks.

The Emperor of Tolerance
Such questions obviously don’t concern the current administration. A YouTube-savvy Nero, Obama is content to fiddle a tune of tolerance as the health and safety — both physical and psychological — of American children is burnt to the ground around him.

The president is not only overstepping his constitutional authority in order to fan the flames of a phony civil rights issue so that the Democratic Party can maintain its trademark on “tolerance,” he is also forcing by edict the legal acceptance of controversial, ideologically motivated gender identity theory, which some experts say could have a lasting and devastating impact on society.

That Obama is willing to equate the promotion of that theory with African-Americans’ struggle for equal civil rights, or women’s fight for equal access to the workforce, shows just how far he is willing to go to fundamentally transform the country.