The US Should Pull Out of the UN

Daniel Greenfield,

President Trump and Ambassador Haley deserve lots of credit for fighting the good fight in the UN. But as this latest vote showed, it’s a dead end. The UN is dominated by a corrupt, left-wing bureaucracy. And by bloc votes of Islamic countries and third world dictatorships whom Western countries strive to appease in a pointless bid for influence. Because we fund them.

The UN was supposed to be a defense against totalitarian movements. Instead it quickly came to be dominated by them.

There’s no changing that. Not without changing the dysfunctional relationship between Islam and the rest of the world, and between third world tyrannies and the West. The only sensible thing to do is leave.

unitednations_small The US Should Pull Out of the UN Foreign Policy

The United Nations failed at its purpose a long time ago. It should be replaced by a union of free democratic nations.

And then the UN can be turned over to the OIC, Russia, China and their third world allies to become an irrelevant and obsolete forum for denouncing America, Israel and any free country. 

That’s what it already is. We just give it relevance by funding it and participating in it.

It’s time to go.