The Virtues Required to Restore America #NeverHillary

Kathryn Blackhurst,

Fox News’ Eric Bolling warns against irrevocable harm from Clinton presidency.

The United States is at a crucial crossroads in its history, and the outcome of the 2016 presidential election in November will determine whether the country will continue on a path to destruction.

These are the stakes Fox News Channel personality and co-host of Fox News’ “The Five” Eric Bolling laid out in an interview with LifeZette. Bolling warns against the irrevocable damage that a Hillary Clinton presidency will do to the nation. If Clinton is elected and follows the same path trod by Barack Obama, Bolling says that there will be no turning back.

“I fear that four to eight more years of Clinton will put us so far Left that we’re never going to find our way back”

“President Obama has a progressive agenda that he promised even before he was elected in 2008,” Bolling said, “Three weeks prior [to the election], he said, ‘I want to fundamentally change the United States of America.’ And I had a problem with that then,” Bolling told LifeZette.

“He has pulled the country so far Left, so aggressively that I felt that it was time to write the book, or we have another 4-8 years of a liberal progressive that would get us so far off the path that we’d never get back to the Center Right, which I think the country was not only founded upon, but also has done well with.”

The book, “Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great – And Why We Need Them More Than Ever,” seeks to remind Americans of the characteristics that built a world superpower.

In the book, Bolling outlines the nine virtues that he believes formed the cornerstone for American success and exceptionalism: grit, profit, manliness, thrift, individuality, dominion, merit, pride and Providence. The co-host of “The Five” also explains that there is a particular reason for the ordering of these virtues in his book.

america2_small The Virtues Required to Restore America #NeverHillary

“I start the book with ‘grit’ for a reason because I think it is the most important to get out there,” Bolling said. “I come from a very, very poor inner-city poverty Chicago past. I am the most blessed human being to be able to sit center-seat on ‘The Five’ on Fox News. And the path there was a rough path. I was drafted to play pro baseball – my dream. I got hurt immediately, had to find another career. I spent a few years doing other things – falling, failing, but getting back up. And America really was founded on grit, and so I ended with Providence.”


And for Bolling – a devout Catholic – Providence provided him with the “roadmap” necessary to chart his course and find his calling in life.

“I’m thankful for it and I don’t think I did it all alone,” Bolling said.

But if the U.S. elects Clinton – and thus continues down the progressive and liberal path Obama has blazed through the government – Bolling predicts that the nine virtues “will die.”

“So I think it’s very important time that we wake up and we don’t let that happen,” Bolling said as he raised the concerns he feels for the First Amendment, Second Amendment, and the appointing of a Supreme Court Justice to replace the late conservative Antonin Scalia under a potential Clinton presidency.

“I fear that four to eight more years of Clinton will put us so far Left that we’re never going to find our way back,” Bolling said.

This is why “The Five” co-host has been encouraged by the rise of presumptive nominee Donald Trump and the pushback he’s seen against a culture of newly found “political correctness” and antagonism towards inherently conservative values and viewpoints.

“I think what Donald Trump has shown – and I wrote this book prior to Donald Trump announcing that he was going to run for president – I think Donald Trump has shown that the PC culture – we’re tired of it as a nation. We’ve had it,” Bolling said. “We’ve been told we can’t say this, we can’t say that, this is offensive, this is xenophobic, this is homophobic, this is bigoted, this is racist. And frankly, it’s not the case. Most people want to just have a discussion and not worry about every single word that comes out of their mouth. Donald Trump does that, and it’s resonating amongst a big portion of the population.”

Above all, Bolling’s book highlights that the virtues that made America great can be restored to the nation if the people make the choice to stand behind the conservative movement as a whole and remember what it truly means to be an American. Only that, he believes, will stop the dismantling of American virtues and provide the catalyst to redeem America’s true fabric.

“It’s the American system that provides all this opportunity, and my fear is that we’re squandering that. We’re letting it slip to other countries,” Bolling said. “That’s why we need to get back to conservative values so that we can continue it and become powerful and helpful when other countries have disasters – tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, fires – they come to us for help, and we’re able to do that because we’re such a unique and special nation. We need to continue that rather than, as President Obama once said, ‘We’re not exceptional.’ Well, yes we are, and we need to continue to prove that we are exceptional and successful.”