There Are No Greater Bigots, Hypocrites, Than Liberals.

Tolerating the Intolerable?

There are no greater bigots, hypocrites, than liberals. Muslims murder and discriminate against gays and women daily, yet Obama unconditionally supports their Islamic regimes while our progressive minions of “tolerance” remain silent. Saying you disagree with homosexuality is not prejudiced, intolerant or hate speech: it’s called freedom of choice, one’s personal and/or religious right. But I guess it’s only really a choice if you’re aborting a baby in America or stoning gays to death in Iran.

liberals_small2 There Are No Greater Bigots, Hypocrites, Than Liberals.

As a Christian, or better yet a reasonable soul, I find it disturbing that some actually believe morality, Biblical tenets, bend or even break according to the whims of one’s will or the societal norms of the day. And yes, morality requires no religious basis, although more often than not, they are synonymous in nature. This must be why principled atheists only sue Christians, and never Muslims, to fulfill their Nihilistic quota.

Sorry, but if the truth doesn’t fit your political agenda, the ire to the object of your disdain, you’re the one living a lie. Obama routinely calls conservatives evil – demonizing Christians, Jews, the successful, business owners, our military, gun owners, liberty lovers and otherwise patriotic Americans – only to be deemed a “uniter” and not a pathological bigot himself? In the magical realm of liberal logic and sequestered synapses, it’s far more offensive to exercise your freedom of speech in support of your Christian faith, the ideological bastion this revered republic was built upon, than for a scantily dressed child to hump a styrofoam finger, perform imaginary cunnilingus, and sexually belittle terrified midgets in front of millions on national TV. And guess which example the media establishment embraces as its newfound epitome of tolerance, relevance, and excellence? Just because progressives work tirelessly to enable a godless, immoral, lazy and violent society, doesn’t mean we have to “tolerate” such destructive and senseless stupidity. In the world of universal ethics, scientific theory and mathematical maxims, that’s truly and unequivocally gay!

Written by Xavier.