They don’t need search warrants anymore because that stops them from catching terrorists

2020 Foresight,

They might pound on your door in the middle of the night, but they’ll probably wait until your daughter is in the shower, and the pounding will be accompanied by a commanding voice. “Let’s go. Open up. We wanna have a look around in there”.

You’ll run to unlock the door because the apartment will be cold for months if they break it down. They don’t need search warrants anymore because that stops them from catching terrorists, and the law now requires that whenever they come, everyone in the apartment is to immediately assemble in the room with the entrance door. Nothing unites a family in one room faster than the global police raiding someone’s apartment, and they do a lot more raiding now that everyone’s been moved into the sustainable, and environmentally-friendly living spaces.  

“I need to talk to her alone. The rest of you folks stay here.” They’ve all seen plenty of people tortured with tasers, and even shot for disobedience, so they meekly comply, as the young girl is led into the next room by the officer, who closes the door behind them.

“Drop that towel, young lady. I need to see everything today.” She shudders a little, so he reassures her, “if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.” Even the children know that any complaints result in more of their visits, and more pain inflicted, so it’s best to just let them do what they want.

nowarrants_small They don't need search warrants anymore because that stops them from catching terrorists

The rest of the family had a good idea of what the officer wanted too, because he’s already had most of the kids in the neighborhood, and today it looked like it was Judy’s turn to be “broken in”. It’s best to just let it happen easily, because a lot more people will suffer if you try to stop him. He’ll leave after his “search”, and Judy will still be crying a little bit, but doing anything to resist will only lead to more trouble.

His parting words will probably sound something like “you folks take care now, and I’ll be back tomorrow to make sure you’re okay. That’s a sweet little girl you have there, and we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to her, now would we?”, in a friendly voice that conceals evil, accompanied by a smile that conveys a threat.

Did you ever consider where you would be without the Bill of Rights, that you so habitually, and foolishly take for granted? Are you ever grateful that a promise of freedom, and a description of basic human dignity were outlined by the victors of this nation to insure that tyranny, and the psychotic behavior that always accompanies power might be nipped in the bud by a list of limitations being drawn up?

Do you understand how the enjoyment of a little bit of power over others affects human beings, and the levels of madness that will eventually be achieved if it’s not kept in check?

It seems to me that most Americans know very little that the TV didn’t tell them, and the way in which power affects the human mind are things only known by people who read about psychotic leaders in history books.

Let’s discuss the things they won’t mention in any school, because such knowledge is usually the exclusive property of the powerful, and let’s learn about what world leaders, who dominate millions of peasants, need to do for sexual gratification, shall we?

Sexual contact always involves some degree of dominance in one party, and some degree of submission in the other, and these naturally stimulating roles are often brought to psychotic extremes in political leaders, because their permanent dominance over millions of people is a tough act to follow in the bedroom. And once people start experimenting with the eroticism of power, pain, and control, they start down a path that requires ever-increasing heights of depravity to keep themselves interested, and aroused.

As most people are aware, rape is motivated more by a lust for power than sexual release, and that’s why we see twice as many rapists among police as the general population. Cops become cops because they crave power over other people, and their particular occupation grants them this power as part of their job in helping to beat the population into submission, and extracting wealth from them. They arrest enough criminals to justify their existence in the eyes of the public, but fighting crime is not their real purpose.

Their lust for power is what draws them to the occupation, and their sexual lust is always present. This results in someone who can, and very often does, force a pretty wife or daughter to stop their car on the side of a dark, and deserted road, where she’s forced to satisfy his sexual lust to prevent herself from being arrested, beaten, or even killed.

The reward for him is psychological as well as physical. The “hero” drives away from the scene of the crime with an increased degree of false self-importance because of what he can get away with, and this reward reinforces the behavior, which will be repeated whenever he desires a sexual release at work. Thousands of cops have been fired for doing this, but they usually just find employment with a different police department, where they continue the behavior. Most of these rapes are never reported, because the victim usually has no one to turn to but the police who already traumatized her, and will probably punish her some more if she attempts to seek justice.

You see, there’s no need to wait until 2020, or even to have much foresight to experience my futuristic nightmare in an Agenda-21 apartment, because these things are happening now, every single day. They just haven’t crammed us all into apartments yet.

When we move a step higher up the political power ladder, we get to the Senators and Congressmen, where we see evidence of a long history of pedophilic rape. That’s the next level of depravity to be reached after raping people in your own age group becomes boring, and it’s doubtful that any of them will ever be aroused by the thought of consentual sex after regular experiences of this nature. And after reveling in the power to rape cute children with impunity becomes passe, wouldn’t killing them in the process be the next level of gratification?

It’s said that Dick Cheney enjoys snuff movies that feature young boys being tortured to death. Is it possible that he has satisfying sexual experiences with his wife after this?

Political wives are mere showpieces, or actresses, who lend the politician a public image of decency, or normalcy. If they’re wise, they’ll find sexual gratification away from their twisted husbands, where sexual satisfaction may result in their death.

We are being ruled by lunatics who laugh at the laws and moral standards that the rest of us adhere to, and if we don’t free ourselves from these psychopaths, we’ll all eventually become victims of their demented lust for sex, power, or both.

After basking in the power to kill with impunity, the next level involves killing many people at once, and you can bet your last dollar that someone will be in a state of sexual arousal, when they order the chemtrail planes to make their final journey, spraying the poison that kills us all. These lunatics must be stopped.

The Bill of Rights only outlines basic human dignity. The right to say, think, and believe as you choose to, preserve the sanctity of your home, and defend yourself from evil. It goes on to describe how common law courts can solve the problems that occasionally arise between people, without corrupt cops, greedy judges, or tyrannical politicians perverting justice to suit their own needs.

Unfortunately, Americans have been subjected to decades of television cop and court dramas that were written by propagandists for the purpose of convincing Americans to surrender their constitutional rights.

One episode after another has drummed the message “rights are just for criminals” into their pliable minds, and these shows often include innocent children dying as a result of someone’s rights being respected. It’s a recurring theme, and we’re already seeing the result of this propaganda effort in our rights being systematically removed with little resistance, as cops and politicians flaunt their power to rob, rape, and kill us on a whim.

Rights aren’t for criminals. The Bill of Rights is your only real protection from criminals, and the sick minds who have seized control of this country. Read it, defend it, and honor it, not only as America’s primary founding document, but also as the unifying force behind the salvation of this country. It’s what we all have in common, and it’s what we all need to fight for desperately, or we’ll all become the victims of tyranny brought to a psychotic level, the likes of which humanity hasn’t seen since the Caesars.  — Jolly Roger

“Sensual excess drives out pity in man”. – The Marquis De Sade