This is hilarious! Canadian Cruz has a not-so-flattering nickname in the his home state of Texas

Thomas Madison,

Ted Cruz has a new nickname in the Lone Star state. Dildo! It originated when he was the Solicitor General (authoritarian parasite) of the state of Texas.

From 2004 to 2008, the Canadian was fighting a case before Texas and then United States courts to ban the promotion and sale of dildos and other sexual devices. Being the habitual loser that he is, and to the great benefit of the people of Texas and the rest of the United States, the Canadian lost, and today the people are free to enjoy sexual devices as they please.

So, let me get this straight. Ted Cruz, self-proclaimed champion of our Constitution and its cornerstone, the principle of individual liberty, who promises to end big government, attempted a big government shut down of individual liberty and our Constitution, based upon his and Greg Abbott’s moral belief? Really? So, this blending of moral code and legal code is fine with the Canadian and his Cruzbot zombies. I know of only one culture in which the moral code and legal code are the same. Think Sharia.

According to Uproxx, Canadian Cruz was no stranger to his own personal sexual stimulation during college, as his college roommate, Craig Mazin, attests: