Times of Israel Lies About Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag.com 

I have a firm policy of not linking to the Times of Israel. Despite its name, the paper is a left-wing anti-Israel smear site. This is another reminder why.

The Times of Israel ran a press release for HIAS, masquerading as an article, by Cathryn J. Prince. The article praised HIAS, an organization in the lucrative trade of resettling “refugees” in America while endangering the Jewish community in this country.

Cathryn J. Prince. cynically attempted to conflate Nazis with Jewish critics of HIAS in paragraphs like this.

“Former imperial wizard of the KKK David Duke and head of the controversial American Freedom Defense Initiative Pamela Geller are among those sending the offensive tweets.”

What does Pamela Geller have in common with David Duke? Nothing. One could more easily class HIAS with Hamas. They both support Muslim migrants coming to America. HIAS official Jennie Rosenn, who is talked up by Cathryn J. Prince in her article, had even signed a letter urging the US to work with a Hamas government.

timesofsraelprince_small Times of Israel Lies About Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer Opinion

But then Cathryn J. Prince goes even further.

“After the ADL launched the campaign, people such as Pamela Geller, who is Jewish, started sending arguably anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim tweets. Together with Richard Spencer, Geller directs the American Freedom Defense Initiative, a group the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated as “anti-Muslim.”

Pamela Geller works together with Counterterrorism expert and Islam scholar, Robert Spencer. Richard Spencer is an Alt Right Nazi who has been in the news lately for, among other things, attacking Jews.

The two men have nothing in common.

Did Cathryn J. Prince and her editors at the Times of Israel really not know any better? Or did they think that they could get away with pretending that it was an innocent mistake?

In this environment of Fake News media malfeasance, it’s hard to know.