Today in Washington, DC – Is this The beginning of tyranny housecleaning?


May 16, 2014
Washington, DC

The beginning of tyranny housecleaning
FOR the people, BY the people, OF the people.


patriotism_thumb Today in Washington, DC - Is this The beginning of tyranny housecleaning?

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Patriots for America (Old Website) 
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Operation American Spring (New OAS Website)
Forums for OAS patriots to discuss politics, along with the various teams who make up OAS (medical, Graphic Designers, Security, ect) to discuss what needs to be done.

Need A Ride to OAS?

Do you need a ride to OAS from anywhere in the nation? PLEASE leave a comment on the forum that has been set up for this purpose! Also, we really need you to check in with your state asap!

Want an OAS Guide to DC?

We heard your concerns and questions at OAS, and created a GUIDE TO DC for you! Please check it out, and feel free to share!

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PFA/OAS Operation American Spring Page
Operation American Spring, Restoring America to a Free Constitutional Republic based on the principals and philosophies of Our Founding Fathers. This is the OFFICIAL OAS Facebook page.

OAS Maryland State Page
We are the Maryland state page for Operation American Spring, an event happening May 16, 2014 and continuing until things get done!

Official Operation American Spring Group
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Operation American Spring – Team Virginia
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OAS Texas State Page
This group is dedicated to organizing the transportation, car pooling, Van usage, Camping locations, supplies, food and water ect for the Texans attending.