Tom Cotton to Schumer: “Eight Years Ago, I Was Getting My Ass Shot at in Afghanistan”

Daniel Greenfield,

The theme is political obstructionism. Schumer wants to keep the real business of politics, moving money around, flowing. But he also needs to service the needs of key Dems to posture and obstruct Trump’s nominees. Some want to do this to position themselves for a 2020 run, Warren and Booker come to mind, others are dedicated leftists who are genuinely fighting to protect the power of the left, tooth and nail.

This is dry stuff and yet it makes for an explosive moment as Senator Tom Cotton confronts Schumer over a broken promise to move the Pompeo nomination forward. 

tomcottoncnn1_small Tom Cotton to Schumer: "Eight Years Ago, I Was Getting My Ass Shot at in Afghanistan" Senate  Schumer told Cotton that the Senate had never previously confirmed a CIA director on Inauguration Day and if Cotton had been around eight years earlier, he’d know that Republicans didn’t extend that courtesy for incoming president Barack Obama.

“Eight years ago, I was getting my ass shot at in Afghanistan,” Cotton snapped. “So don’t talk to me about where I was 8 years ago.”

It goes without saying that 8 years ago, Schumer was almost exactly where he is now. Or that Cotton is a breath of fresh air in that regard.