Transition of Power, Obama Gives Trump the Middle Finger

Dan Perkins,

After the voters rejected the idea of 4 more years of the past eight years of President Obama, Donald Trump was invited to the White House for meeting. The purpose of this meeting was to set in motion an orderly transition of power from the Obama administration to the incoming Trump administration. The number of actions taken by Pres. Obama in the waning days of his presidency was a clear message to Donald Trump, “F**k You”, I’m going to make it difficult for you to change the direction of America I want to take, even if I’m not President.

There is no doubt in my mind that a lame duck president trying to create new policy and direction for the government in the last 30 days in office is a demonstration of the narcissism of Barack Obama.   Here are a couple examples of the narcissism and the F**k you attitude of the outgoing President. The United Nations took a vote on censoring Israel for the building of housing on occupied land. Every time in the past this motion was made United States vetoed the motion. The United States knew that if we didn’t stand up for Israel then nobody else in the UN wood. But this time when the vote came up United States abstained; the resolution passed 14 to 0 to censure Israel.

President Obama wanted the Israeli government to go back to the pre-1967 war and give all the land captured by the Israeli army back to the Palestinians. Somehow Barack Obama and John Kerry believe that the way to get Israel to work and do what they wanted to do is through alienation among the parties. John Kerry Secretary of State gave a one-hour major address on the administrations rationale is that Israel needs to cooperate in this two state solution by giving up conquered lands.

The relationships between the US and Israel were already severely strained prior to this vote and the speech given by Kerry a week later. So the only conclusion I can come to is that the President was purposely out to further degrade the relationship between Israel and United States and John Kerry was his partner in crime the speech that he gave at the State Department. Before I move on to the second example I’m us further comment that the president clearly must have known, based on the outcome of the election that Donald Trump was going to be predisposed to support Israel so the only reason I can conclude for this action was that he was trying to damage the relationship as much as possible and in turn to force Trump to spend more time then would otherwise have been needed to repair the relationship between Israel and United States and therefore have less time to focus on other important issues of the country.

The second example was the Executive Order forbidding the drilling on 93% of arctic lands and the restriction of 3.8 million acres of Atlantic Coast drilling Rights. Obama used a long forgotten 1953 law that put restrictions and protection of wildlife. Bill Clinton in his term of President used this 1953 law under an executive order to restrict the drilling for oil and natural gas on government lands. Bush 43 through a new Executive Order overturned the Clinton Executive Order. During the entire time in office Barack Obama has been President he has been opposed to developing America’s oil and natural gas resources. His paranoid commitment to global warming has been the bases for his restriction I’m not drilling for oil and natural gas I want clean, green alternatives.

obamaaud_small Transition of Power, Obama Gives Trump the Middle Finger Politics

 The liberal press in support of the President’s Climate Change agenda and have suggested that this move by Barack Obama has put Donald Trump in a corner and will delay the expansion of expiration of oil and natural gas in the United States. President Trump has the right to use as Barack Obama said, “ pen to accomplish things that the Congress would not give him.” If Donald Trump, in the first weeks of his term as president, uses the Executive Power to rescind many of Obama’s Executive Orders, including the prohibition of drilling in the Arctic Circle at off the Atlantic coast, then Democrats will surely claim foul. I would not be surprised that Democratic liberals we’ll try and sue President Trump to prevent the use of his Executive Order.

The restrictions that President Obama in the waning moments of his administration wants to put on limits of oil natural gas is clearly another attempt to put up a roadblock to try and stop Donald Trump from being successful with his agenda. As a registered investment advisor with over the 44 of experience, from time to time I’ve work with clients on the estate planning and some parents what a try and control their children from the grave. Barack Obama is trying to influence the Policy decisions of Donald Trump and his team not from the grave, but out of power he needs, in his mind, to be relevant.

I fully believe that within days of taking the oath of office President Trump will reach out to Israel and as President invite the prime minister to the United States as quickly as possible. I expect that he will try and do something about the resolution that was passed by the UN; Israel will have a friend an ardent supporter in Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump is also on a mission to make America great again, he wants to put millions of people back to, one of the reasons Barack Obama is trying to stop the expiration of the oil is because he knows that energy and development of America’s energy resources will be the biggest source of employment for Donald Trump and I believe we will do everything within his power to prevent that from happening.

I believe America will succeed and that millions of Americans now see the potential that they and America can succeed have a better future under Donald Trump. It will be difficult, if not impossible for the Democratic left to accept Trump’s idea originally promoted by Dr. Martin Luther King, that President Trump wants American to be free at last free at last.