Trump agrees with Heidi Cruz: Ted is an immigrant … from Canada


Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump agreed with Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi on Sunday that the Texas senator is an immigrant. But, Trump explained, that was due to Cruz’s Canadian birth, not his parents’ escape from Cuba before he was born.

“She said ‘my husband’s an immigrant’ and that’s what I’ve been been saying except a lot of people — I think she was trying to … put a Latino turn on it,” Trump told the crowd in Fort Wayne, Ind. “He was born in Canada, folks.”

Mrs. Cruz had shared that narrative with rally attendees in Greenfield, Ind., a day earlier. Former California Gov. Pete Wilson has also said Cruz is not anti-immigration and “hardly anti-Latino.”

The New York billionaire focused his speech on various policy positions and wove attacks on other candidates into his talking points.

cruz_small Trump agrees with Heidi Cruz: Ted is an immigrant ... from Canada

He criticized politicians who run in any election and then congratulate their opponent after getting beaten.

“I say ‘why’d the hell’d they do that?’ I mean, I’m not sure, but if I lost, I think I’d just go ‘bye bye, folks, I love you, people, but I’m going the hell out of here.’ I’m not thanking anybody but you people. Why should we?” Trump asked the crowd.

The outspoken GOP candidate also mused over his experience of running for the highest office in the U.S.

“It’s harder to become president, in my opinion, than to do a great job being president,” Trump said. “It’s harder doing this than it is being there and being really smart and I’ve got the greatest people, the greatest negotiators.”

Trump will rally Monday in South Bend and Carmel, Ind., before the Tuesday primary. A new poll released Sunday has Trump up 15 points over Cruz.