Trump Announces Second Amendment Coalition

Donald J. Trump is pleased to announce his Second Amendment Coalition. These women and men are grassroots leaders and elected officials who fight for individual liberties, support the right to carry personal protection and will defend the Second Amendment.

“My father defends the Second Amendment, so that you and I and your spouse and your children can take care of themselves when someone much stronger, much meaner and much more vicious than them tries to break into their home, “said Coalition Chairman Donald J. Trump, Jr. “It’s not just a hobby or something I do on the weekends. It’s a lifestyle; and as my father often says, ‘this is about self-defense, plain and simple.’”

“This election isn’t about the next four years. It’s about the next forty years, so voting for Hillary Clinton, or not voting, is simply not an option,” said Coalition Chairman Christopher Cox. “The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that we have a fundamental, individual right to protect ourselves and our families with a firearm in our own homes. Clinton said‘the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment.’ A Clinton Supreme Court means your right to own a firearm is gone.”

secondamendment_small Trump Announces Second Amendment Coalition Second Amendment  The Second Amendment Coalition for Trump-Pence includes joint Chairmen Donald J. Trump, Jr. and Christopher Cox, and 62 co-chairs. These leaders will continue to advise Mr. Trump and Governor Pence as they protect our Supreme Court and our right to keep and bear arms.

Hillary Clinton will appoint radical Supreme Court justices that will virtually abolish the Second Amendment. Hillary Clinton will overturn the Supreme Court ruling that affirmed the Second Amendment as a private right, so that any city or state in this country can ban private gun ownership. Donald Trump will appoint Supreme Court Justices that will abide by the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States; and that includes upholding the Second Amendment. The people have a clear choice.


Chairman Donald J. Trump, Jr.

Chairman Christopher Cox


The Honorable Jim Gilmore

U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop

U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer

U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson

U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer

U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock

U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise

Ron Adams

Thomas Alibrando

Paul Babaz

Diane Bahnson

Ronnie Barrett

B. Dan Berger

John Boch

Eli Bremer

Dave Butz

Bob Callan

Bill Chapman

Richard Childress

Allan Cors

Marty Daniel

Carrie-Lee Early

Kelli A. Emerick

Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D.

Dennis Feldpusch

Casey Flack

Alex Flint

John Green

Matthew Haller

Donna Head

Antonio Hernandez

Graham Hill

Kevin Hogan

Susan Howard

Jesse James

Larsen Jensen

Brad Johnson

Michael Kassnar

Doug Koenig

George Kollitides

Willis Lee

Brian V. McCormack

James B. “Jay” McDonald, III Esq.

Wally McLallen

Carolyn Meadows

Dale A. Miller

Craig Morgan

Don Peay

Judson W. Phillips

Kim Rhode

Barbara Rumpel

Michelle Scott, Esq.

Reinhard Seipp

Christopher Shields

Kevin “Kip” Talley

James W. Tobin, III

Rob Unkovic

Theresa Vail

Daniel Volkmuth

Joshua Waldron

Linda Walker

Tom Yackley

  • DrArtaud

    Madonna’s offer for a particular kind of sex in return for hillary votes, vs substantive things like a 2nd Amendment Coalition, shows the differences between the democrats and Republicans. Imagine if the Founders were sexually fixated, we’d been destroyed many decades ago.

    Intelligence – only ignorant, uneducated, people are interested in guns – is a common misconception. At the range one day, a very enthusiastic individual pulled out his M-14 and a wealth of ammunition. He had another military style rifle, I’d be lying if I said which one, I can’t recall. He had an expensive looking hard gun case, gun was ultra clean, and as I said tons of ammo.

    Friendly talk at the range is the norm and not the exception (gee, guns don’t make people crazed maniacs after all), so I eventually found out he was an emergency room physician. Fascinating. So they all aren’t ultra liberals. But the even more stunning part is that he was introduced to shooting by a preeminent organ transplant physician in my city. That I’d never guessed was possible.

    Shootings are daily in my neighborhood, some resulting in injuries, some fatal. But I’m not naive enough to think if we surrender our weapons that everyone will suddenly start singing kumbaya while holding hands.

    The importance of the 2nd Amendment cannot be understated, both in it’s original context and in the sense of our increasingly violent world. When I hear a strange noise at night, the phone is the second thing I get.

    Trump is really shining. Get out to vote, ingore the polls either way, if we think he’s way ahead we get lazy and don’t vote, and if we think he’s way behind, we think it’s pointless. Just vote, we’re hoping for a Trump landslide, every Trump vote counts.