Trump Announces “Strong Seniors Making America Great Again” Coalition

Donald J. Trump announced the National Co-Chairs of his seniors coalition, “Strong Seniors Making America Great Again” in support of the Trump-Pence ticket. National chairman Jim Martin of the 60 Plus Association is leading this nationwide coalition.

“The Strong Seniors Making America Great Again coalition are working to build and strengthen support of the Trump-Pence ticket among America’s middle and senior aged Americans. The election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence is crucial to all of our futures and to once again regain respect throughout the world of our Nation,” explained Jim Martin, coalition chairman.

National Co-Chairs include:

Bob Carlstrom, Senior Counselor to Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC)

Pat Boone, 60 Plus Association Spokesman

Sally Atwater, SC Trump Delegate Republican Convention; candidate for Superintendent of Education

Honorable Sue Myrick, former Member of Congress

Mark Wingate, President, American Seniors Association

Manuel Rosales, National Chairman of Latino National Republican Coalition

Greg Casey, former President and CEO of BIPAC and Sergeant-at-Arms, US Senate

seniorsfortrump_small Trump Announces “Strong Seniors Making America Great Again” Coalition Election

Martin added, “The senior vote can very well be the tipping point in this election and that bodes well for the Trump-Pence team. Seniors in recent elections have turned out in larger numbers than other voting blocs and our coalition aims to make sure that continues. Seniors are flocking to Trump and can very well provide the margin of victory in a tight election. Seniors are not happy with President Obama and see Hillary as just more of the same.”

Donald Trump is that leader for action – not just hollow words – and is committed to:

  • Restoring America’s economic strength and vitality and world leadership so that our children, grandchildren, and their children can enjoy the great offerings of the American way of life.
  • Repeal of the “Death Tax,” the egregious federal tax under which the government literally preys upon the estates built by the hard work of American families, grabbing a significant portion of the value that should be kept with the family and heirs.
  • Saving Social Security and Increasing Retirement Savings Options
  • Guarantee the long term solvency of Social Security’s trust funds without onerous job-killing increases in employee and employer FICA taxes; and
  • Provide for additional and incentivized voluntary employer-employee retirement accounts opportunities, such as an “Early Retirement Account” providing full survivor benefits that will ensure the growth of savings until retirement, unless the worker is disabled or dies before reaching retirement and which is needed by 50 million workers without retirement plans.
  • Reforming health care so that insurance premiums can once again become affordable for all Americans, including those advancing into “seniorhood.”
  • Strengthening Medicare Advantage, the private alternative and providing broader benefits coverage to that provided by the Medicare alone.
  • Reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs upon which many seniors depend for health services and other benefits, but face interminable bureaucratic delays whenever they must contact them.
  • Addressing the violent victimization of all citizens by working to restore and strengthen law and order as the key component to safety and peaceful living in all communities.
  • Strengthening immigration law and enforcement to weed out and capture criminals and terrorists entering the country by securing the borders and increasing internal enforcement capacity and operations, thereby, providing a safer America.
  • Reducing taxes on seniors living on modest or low incomes.