Trump Blasts #Obamacare as Premiums have doubled and Coverage cut in half

Together, we are going to deliver real change that puts America First.

That begins with immediately repealing and replacing Obamacare. My first day in office, I’m going to ask Congress to put a bill on my desk getting rid of this disastrous law and replacing it with reforms that expand choice, freedom and affordability.

It has just been announced that Americans are going to experience another massive double-digit spike in Obamacare premiums, including more than a 100% increase in states like Arizona.

1 in 5 Americans trapped on Obamacare will only have a single insurer to choose from.

Even Bill Clinton admitted Obamacare is “the craziest thing in the world,” where “people wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half.”

The Democrat Governor of Minnesota said the “Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable.”

trumponaca_small Trump Blasts #Obamacare as Premiums have doubled and Coverage cut in half Headlines

Insurers are leaving. Companies are fleeing. Doctors are quitting. It’s an absolute disaster.

Hillary Clinton wants to double-down on Obamacare and make it even worse. She wants to put the government totally in charge of your healthcare.

Repealing Obamacare, and stopping Hillary’s healthcare takeover, is one of the single most important reasons we must win on November 8th.