Trump Calls for ˜Real Unity’ With GOP as Convention Nears

During a rally in North Carolina on Tuesday, Donald Trump said that “we need real unity” in the Republican Party.

He continued, “We have some great people like Bob [Corker] who just came up and so many others and so many senators, congressmen and women.”

Corker, the two-term Tennessee senator, spoke briefly at the rally.

“We have great people, but we need real unity — and the leaders have to get supportive,” Trump continued. “If they don’t get supportive, we’re going to win anyway.

The four-day convention begins on July 18 in Cleveland, Ohio. 

gopconv_small1 Trump Calls for ˜Real Unity' With GOP as Convention Nears

North Carolina: Trump Outpolls Clinton on Key Issues

As both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hold campaign events in the swing state of North Carolina on Tuesday, analysis of top election issues facing the state’s voters suggests Mr. Trump is an early favorite.

“According to 2012 presidential election exit polls in which Republican nominee Mitt Romney pulled off a tight victory over President Obama in North Carolina, voters cared the most about the economy, the federal budget deficit, foreign policy, and healthcare.”

If those are the top issues in the 2016 general election, it will go well for Mr. Trump, according to several recent polls.

A recent survey in North Carolina suggests the “top issues for the 2016 election are education, jobs, and the economy.” A new national Morning Consult poll found that voters favor Mr. Trump on the issues of both job creation and economy.

According to the results, 45 percent of voters believe Mr. Trump will grow the economy and 43 percent believe he will create more jobs. Clinton received only 38 percent on both issues.

Recent polls also show disapproval of President Obama, who is campaigning with Clinton, on job performance and handling of ISIS.