Trump Campaign Sprints Into Final Week In Blue States As Hillary’s Momentum Collapses

Matthew Boyle,

NEW YORK — A confident campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump is sprinting into the final full week of the campaign as his opponent Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton is struggling.

Federal law enforcement officials are taking another look at her emails, held on a home-brew server that was set up in violation of State Department guidelines, and former FBI officials confirm the nature of the current and ongoing deep dive investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Meanwhile, Trump is surging in the polls and zoning in on several states that political observers previously thought were unattainable for the billionaire businessman.

“This is big,” Jason Miller, Donald Trump’s senior communications adviser, tells Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125.

The news that came out on Friday with the FBI reopening their investigation is big. The fact that 11 days before this contest they found it so extraordinary that they need to go and put this out there I think really spoke to the fact that they found something. So what we found out then today is that there were upwards of 650,000 emails. Now, I’m sure you probably have a lot of emails on your laptop—I’m not sure how many—650,000 is a lot. But 650,000—that’s a big number.

trumpelectionresults_small-2 Trump Campaign Sprints Into Final Week In Blue States As Hillary’s Momentum Collapses Politics

They think thousands, there were thousands of back and forth communications between Huma Abedin and Secretary Clinton, all tied into State Department official business. Now, taking a step back, not only is there an issue here with confidential and classified, top secret information that’s being shared, but the other thing to keep in mind that we don’t know yet and this is what we’ll find out depending on how much comes out before the election we just don’t know, but what obstruction of justice issues are going to come out? Clearly this entire email setup was done to get around the confines of having to go through the government so people couldn’t get a FOIA [Freedom of Information Act request] and find out what was going on. As we saw, this all ties back in to the news that came out on Wednesday and Thursday about ‘Clinton, Inc.,’ and the $66 million pay-to-play scheme that Doug Band set up.