Trump Campaign Statement On Elizabeth Warren

“Warren complains about Wall Street influence while endorsing the candidate who is bought-and-paid for by Wall Street. Bill and Hillary use Wall Street like a personal ATM, giving speeches and doing favors for cash. The income inequality in America today is the product of the Hillary Clinton corporate agenda on trade and immigration. Clinton is a radical corporatist, and Donald Trump is the one and only the only candidate taking on the special interests in government. Just follow the money flowing into the Clinton bank account — and the money flowing against the people’s champion, Mr. Trump.”

warrenliz_small-2 Trump Campaign Statement On Elizabeth Warren

“By the way — if we’d built that wall Warren calls ‘stupid’ years ago, wonderful Americans like Jamiel Shaw, Police Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, Dominic Durden, Josh Wilkerson, Sara Root, and so many others would be alive today. Thousands would never have been victimized by cartels, traffickers and smugglers. Millions of young minority workers would have jobs. Why aren’t these voiceless victims worthy of Warren’s concern?” – Stephen Miller, Senior Policy Advisor