Trump For President Receives Support From 100 Business Leaders

NEW YORK, NY – This week Donald J. Trump received national support from 100 business leaders. Mr. Trump will bring jobs back, boost GDP growth and make America great again for American workers.

Hillary Clinton’s policies and economic plan promise to accelerate a continued decline that would effectively be a third Obama term. Hillary Clinton will raise taxes, increase the oppressive tax burden and negotiate more bad trade deals.

Senior Policy Advisors to the campaign, Dan DiMicco and Andy Puzder stated, “Every element of the Trump plan points synergistically, interactively, and dynamically towards growth. Hillary’s plan points in the exact opposite direction — and towards a secular bear market.” (Dan DiMicco and Andy Puzder, “Here’s Why 100 Business Leaders Support Trump for President” Commentary, 10/17/16)

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The 100 business leaders released the following letter:

In this political season, our nation faces an economic choice between whether to fall back on the past or move forward toward our future. Our prosperity – and our children’s futures – are at stake.

“The big economic question on the minds of most Americans is whether our days of strong economic growth are over. Donald Trump says, ‘of course not.’

“The Trump economic plan is comprehensive and far-reaching. It cuts taxes, stops trade cheating, reduces regulations, unleashes America’s powerful energy sector and eliminates our growth-draining trade deficit. This potent combination of tax, trade, energy and regulatory reforms will accelerate our GDP growth rate, create millions of jobs, and trillions of dollars in new additional income and tax revenues.

“Hillary Clinton has thrown in the towel on the idea of strong economic growth. In what would be effectively a ‘third Obama term,’ she will raise taxes, continue to increase the already oppressive regulatory burden on both consumers and businesses, stifle efforts to make our nation energy independent and negotiate more bad trade deals that ship our jobs and factories offshore.

“What Obama and Clinton see as a path to economic growth is simply a dead end. We have had the weakest economic recovery since World War II and the GDP growth rate is well below our historic norm. Clinton’s policies promise to accelerate this decline.

“Business leaders are particularly worried about America’s anemic growth prospects, making them cautious about investing and hiring. The erratic policies of the past eight years have created troubling uncertainty. Will threatened tax hikes happen? How onerous will the many new regulations be? What’s next in the messy complexity of Obamacare, which is unraveling for millions of Americans before our eyes? It clearly is, as even Bill Clinton has put it, ‘the craziest thing.’

“Donald Trump is a businessman. He knows if we want to have more economic growth, real wage growth, and higher living standards, we need to focus on basic building blocks, not more Keynesian stimulus and financial engineering. Basic building blocks mean making America the best place to invest, helping American workers become more productive, and restoring America to its rightful place as the land of opportunity.

“As business leaders and entrepreneurs, we believe our nation needs a President who understands free markets because he’s lived and worked in them. We need a President who understands how government can hobble innovation, destroy opportunity and restrain growth. We need a President who knows how economic freedom can lift people out of poverty, open paths to and grow the middle class while offering everyone the opportunity to earn their success. Donald Trump would be that President.

To view the complete open letter from 100 business leaders, Click Here