Trump: If Clinton faints on foreign trip, ‘they’ll just leave her’

Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of lacking the physical stamina needed to travel abroad as president, suggesting she could faint in Tiananmen Square and Chinese officials would “just leave her there.”

“You know when she’s over in China, if she goes down in Tiananmen Square, they’ll just leave her there,” Trump said of his Democratic opponent at a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio. “They’re tough people.”

“They’re not going to help her up,” he told the crowd. “They’ll say, ‘Let her come up when she’s ready.'”

hillary-death-bed_small Trump: If Clinton faints on foreign trip, 'they'll just leave her' Health

The Republican presidential nominee has often questioned Clinton’s health and physical strength. But Thursday marked the first night where he floated the possibility that the former secretary of state could collapse during a foreign trip, much like she did this fall during a visit to Ground Zero on the 15th anniversary of Sept. 11.

“She doesn’t have the strength, she doesn’t have the aptitude, she doesn’t have what it takes if we’re going to be a great country again — that I can tell you 100 percent,” he said.