Trump Is Laughing After Obama Makes Incredibly HYPOCRITICAL Move At The White House

Donald Trump wants to build a fence along the southern border and have Mexico pay for it. No surprise there. He has been pretty outspoken about that, and Obama and his minions have been equally outspoken with their criticism in this regard.

However, did you know that Obama wants to build a fence too? He wants to build a new fence around the White House and guess who he wants to pay for it? It isn’t Mexico. He wants us to pay for it, and of course, we will, because….National Security.

“The current fence simply is not adequate for a modern era,” according to Tom Dougherty (Secret Service official) who made the statement at a briefing, according to DC’s station WRC. 

fencebigger_small Trump Is Laughing After Obama Makes Incredibly HYPOCRITICAL Move At The White House

The problem is that the fence is not tall enough.  “[The fence] is entirely scale-able, depending upon the circumstances, and we have now a society that tend to want to jump over the fence and onto the 18 acres,” he went on.



That coming from a president who takes issue with Americans, vis-à-vis Trump, who say the fence on the Mexican border (or where there is some form of fence), is too short. The fact that over 11-Million people have scaled the fence to get onto our soil is not a problem, but a few nutters who the Secret Service is clearly too inept to catch prior to their entry INTO the White House is.

The problem with the White House isn’t the fence. It’s the Secret Service failing at their jobs. The problem for the rest of us, is we are lacking most of a fence, and our law enforcement is not allowed to do their jobs. That’s not entirely true.

They do give them water, food, clothing, a ride to the nearest tax payer funded respite and place to expedite entry into America. Why doesn’t Obama and the Secret Service just invite the White House fence hoppers in for lunch and an overnight stay in the Lincoln bedroom, followed up with firing an employee, like an SS agent, and hiring the interloper? Same difference, right?

Trump is calling Obama out.

“President Obama understands that you build strong, tall, beautiful walls to keep people out who don’t belong,” he posted to Facebook. “People who get permission can enter the White House LEGALLY!”