Trump leads the Independent vote with 41% to Clinton’s 28%

General election polls of the nation and battleground states consistently show Republican nominee Donald Trump besting Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton among independent voters.

This lead among independent/non-party affiliated voters for Trump is also found in polls Trump leads 41 percent to 28 percent. 

A poll of voters released this week: 

Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump and his Democratic opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton are tied in the battleground state of Nevada, the latest Breitbart News Network/Gravis Marketing survey shows.

Both Trump and Clinton are at 46 percent each, while Libertarian Gary Johnson is at three percent and the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein is at one percent. Five percent remain undecided. Technically, Stein is not on the ballot in Nevada.

Donald Trump communications advisor Jason Miller stated on a New York radio station Friday that the campaign’s internal polls show the billionaire real estate mogul tied with Hillary Clinton in traditionally blue states such as Michigan.

independents_for_trump_small Trump leads the Independent vote with 41% to Clinton's 28% Voters

“The battleground states are becoming very important,” Miller said. “New polling out today in Florida showing that Mr. Trump is ahead by four points, in Florida. “North Carolina, we show ourselves with a slight lead there. Ohio, there have been multiple polls showing Mr. Trump ahead. And get this: In both New Mexico and Michigan, we’re showing dead heats in those states. So watch those states very closely.”

There is “talk of Hillary Clinton supposedly going on offense in red states,” Miller continued. “She’s campaigning in blue states, and we’re making a play in blue states. That gives you a sense of the energy and momentum in this race. We’re the ones on offense.”

The host asked him if he believed Michigan and New Mexico, who traditionally vote Democrat in presidential elections, are up for grabs.

“I think they definitely can be in play,” Miller replied.

“‘Independent’ is not synonymous with ‘moderate.’ Independents are pretty conservative; indeed, the ranks of self-describe Independents are filled with conservatives.