Trump Like ˜No Other’ Since Ronald Reagan, Ind. Gov. Pence Says

Donald Trump is “like no other leader in my lifetime since Ronald Reagan,” Ind. Gov. Mike Pence says while introducing the presumptive GOP presidential nominee at a rally in Westfield, Indiana.

  • Trump has been successful on Wall Street, but never turned his back on “Main Street”: Pence
  • Trump would bring a “no nonsense kind of leadership” to White House: Pence
  • Pence says Hillary Clinton must never become president; criticizes the presumptive Democratic nominee over health-care and energy policy, Benghazi
  • Trump at rally vows to save Second Amendment
    • “The hostility against our police has to end and it has to end right now”: Trump
  • Trump says while he has “great compassion” for U.S., he’s the “law and order candidate”
  • Trump to Unveil Running Mate Friday

    The presumptive Republican nominee will announce his vice presidential pick ahead of the nominating convention.

    Donald Trump has decided to announce his vice presidential pick on Friday, according to two people familiar with the planning of the event.

    pencemike_small1-2 Trump Like ˜No Other' Since Ronald Reagan, Ind. Gov. Pence Says   

    In recent days, three candidates are believed to have risen on Trump’s short list of running mates: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. 

    Trump appeared with Christie on Monday in Virginia Beach. Later Tuesday he will campaign in Indianapolis with Pence. Last week, Gingrich opened a Trump rally in Cincinnati.