Trump Protestors Hate The 2nd Amendment, Leftists throw punches at man, steal his sunglasses

Rob Dew | Infowars

Anti-Trump leftists despise your right to keep and bear arms.

Anti-Trump protesters in Manhattan show their disdain for the Second Amendment after a Trump supporter urged them to utilize their right.

 gun_laws_small Trump Protestors Hate The 2nd Amendment, Leftists throw punches at man, steal his sunglasses


Video: Violent Anti-Trump Mob Assaults Trump Supporter

Video footage shows a leftist anti-Trump mob assaulting a Trump supporter in New York, at one point almost shoving him into a severely disabled man in a wheelchair.

The video begins with the man shouting pro-Second amendment slogans while handing out flyers as the anti-Trump crowd boos him.

“Learn how to defend yourself,” asserts the man.

An African-American man then invades the Trump supporter’s personal space before another individual yanks the flyers out of his hand and throws them away.

The black man and another black woman then begin an effort to physically move the Trump supporter away from the area.

At one minute 11 seconds, the video clearly shows that the black woman pushes the Trump supporter first before he shoves back, stating, “Get away from me!”

Other members of the anti-Trump mob then get in the Trump supporter’s face before someone from behind steals his hat and a woman attempts to tear away the placard that he is wearing.

The Trump supporter is vastly outnumbered by the mob as he is manhandled, almost being shoved into a severely disabled man in a wheelchair.

A man with dreadlocks is then seen swinging punches at the Trump supporter.

Despite being the victim of the mob assault, the Trump supporter is led away by police, who then told him not to return to the area.

Immediately after the incident the man told Infowars, “I got attacked, they all surrounded me, maybe a hundred of them, I had to start pushing people away from me.”

“I got punched, I got kicked, they stole my Versace glasses, they stole my hat – I guess because of Bernie Sanders they think they deserve my hat and my sunglasses,” he added.

In another video shot by Infowars, an anti-Trump demonstrator repeatedly threatens to violently assault police officers as he is led away.

As we have previously documented, the media is still spinning the narrative that Trump is responsible for inciting violence at his rallies, when in almost single instance it’s violent pro-Bernie Sanders agitators who are responsible for the mayhem.