Trump Receives Endorsement of the Brigade 2506 Veterans Association

Today, a leadership group representing veterans of the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion endorsed Donald Trump for President. Known as the Brigade 2506 Veterans Association, the veterans group made the unanimous decision to endorse a Presidential candidate for the first time in its history in selecting Mr. Trump.

Objectives of the Brigade and other organizations of the Cuban Resistance include deposing the Cuban Castro regime, freeing the men and women living in Cuba from oppression and restoring truth and justice to the island nation.

The endorsement took place in the Little Havana section of Miami at the Bay of Pigs Museum, a site that memorializes the sacrifices and ideas of the Cuban resistance.

Accepting their endorsement today, Mr. Trump said, “To be endorsed by such a distinguished organization as yours is humbling and I can’t thank you enough. I know we share the same ideals. A foreign policy that will promote freedom and true democratic change in Cuba.

Veterans_for_Trump_small Trump Receives Endorsement of the Brigade 2506 Veterans Association Trump  “All of us understand the seriousness of this election. So many things will be decided for our country in the next four years, including the direction we take with our policy towards Cuba and other countries where we seek to end government corruption. What you are asking for is right and just. The United States should not prop up the Cuban regime economically and politically, as President Obama has done and Hillary Clinton would continue to do, in exchange for nothing.

“I am fighting to earn the vote of the Cuban community and all Hispanic communities in the state of Florida and across the country, and, together with your help, we will win in November and free the Cuban people and restore truth and justice to the daily life of its citizens.”