Trump, Trump, Trump Ahead in All Polls: For Tuesday’s April 26th Primary #VoteTrump

Edmund Kozak, Polizette 

Polling update for Tuesday’s East Coast GOP primaries.

Republican voters in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island will head to the polls on Tuesday to make their choice for the 2016 GOP presidential candidate — and recent polling suggests it will be a great day for Donald Trump.

After a significant victory in New York, Trump is poised to repeat his Empire State success. In Connecticut, a recent Quinnipiac poll puts Trump just under 50 percent. His nearest rival in the Constitution State, Gov. John Kasich, trails by 20 points, while Cruz is behind Trump by almost 30 points.

trumpapril26_small Trump, Trump, Trump Ahead in All Polls: For Tuesday's April 26th Primary #VoteTrump

In Delaware, for which there is only one poll and that was released Wednesday, Trump currently has over 50 percent of GOP voters’ support. Kasich trails a distant second, nearly 40 points behind Trump, while Cruz has the support of a meager 15 percent of Delaware voters.

While Trump hasn’t managed to get over 50 percent in any recent Maryland poll, he is still way ahead of his closest rival, again Kasich.

poll_small Trump, Trump, Trump Ahead in All Polls: For Tuesday's April 26th Primary #VoteTrump

The latest poll, released on Tuesday, has Trump with over 40 percent voter support. Kasich has just under 30 percent while Cruz trails with under 25 percent.

Pennsylvania may be Trump’s toughest battle on Tuesday, but he still leads there in the latest poll with a comfortable 40 percent. Cruz and Kasich are effectively neck and neck with 26 percent and 24 percent, respectively.

There hasn’t been polling performed in Rhode Island since February, but the latest poll, conducted at the end of February, had Trump with 43 percent of the vote. Kasich has 14 percent, while Cruz has only 10 percent. However, when that poll was taken Sen. Marco Rubio was still in the race, and had the support of 25 percent of Rhode Island voters.

Between the five states that will go to the polls on Tuesday, there are 118 delegates up for grabs. If Trump manages to do as well as current polls suggest, he is in position to walk away Tuesday with nearly all of them, moving him one step closer to the magic 1237.

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