Trump Warns France, French Socialist Threatens Trump

Daniel Greenfield,

 Trump’s people were not very happy with the French “summit”. The media is already touting it as a warning or a message to Trump. 

Last week senior advisers to President-elect Donald Trump reportedly told French government officials in a meeting at Trump Tower they “strenuously objected” to the Paris conference, scheduled just five days before Mr. Trump’s inauguration into office and presenting what the president-elect sees as unfair pressure on Israel along with an unjustified reward to Ramallah.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson did not attend the summit, nor did the UK Ambassador to France, according to a report published Sunday by The Guardian. Likewise, Canada announced that it, too, would refrain from sending senior government officials to the conference.

But this is France’s outgoing government, which has as much relevance as Obama does, But it’s still threatening Trump.

socialistfrance_small Trump Warns France, French Socialist Threatens Trump Foreign Policy

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault told reporters that Donald Trump’s promise to move the US embassy to Jerusalem is a “provocation, which will have serious consequences.” Ayrault said during an interview with the France 3 television network: “Of course [it’s a provocation]. I think he wouldn’t be able to do it.” Ayrault added that “this isn’t the first time that it has been on the agenda of a U.S. president but none of them let themselves make that decision.”

That’s what so many on the left are hoping. Except that precedents are falling right and left. Much like the government that Jean-Marc is part of.

But I’m sure that the Arab participants at the conference got a great big kick out of Ayrault.

His name is Jean-Marc Ayrault.

Pronounced properly in French, the last name is very much like a moderately rude Lebanese and Palestinian term that is widely understood in the Arabic world.

The name has left broadcasters trying to determine if they should pronounce it as the prime minister does — “ai-roh” — or if they should resort to voicing the “L” and “T” in the written word.

Al-Arabiya is writing the name in Arabic in a way that makes clear it is not the offensive word.

CNNArabic decided to pronounce Ayrault’s name by voicing the last two letters in the written word.

The French Foreign Ministry said it was aware of the issue but had no comment.

 Ayrault should have maintained that great tradition of having no comment.