Twenty-Two Medal of Honor Recipients: Vote for Trump

Our nation is blessed with the promise of freedom and the glory of liberty. And our enemies hate us for it. The street corners in any American city might be lined with churches and temples and mosques. And our enemies hate us for it. Men and women of any race, color or creed can enjoy the fruits of their labors under American laws. And our enemies hate us for it. The time is upon us to remind the enemies of freedom that the United States of America is the shining city on the hill and that we will never surrender it.

Defending our country and preserving the security of our homeland is the absolute highest constitutional duty of our Commander-in-Chief. Over the last eight years we have seen the rise of ISIS and Iran, North Korea getting closer to nuclear weapons, and dangerous cuts to our military. While an emboldened China modernizes its military, our military readiness has been degraded to historically low levels. The enemies of freedom have grown stronger while the American military posture around the world has weakened significantly. Four more years of the current military strategy represents a clear and present danger to our nation’s future.

Mr. Trump is the only candidate with a plan to enhance America’s military strength. He will immediately work with Congress to remove defense from sequestration. A Trump White House will restore our military readiness while modernizing our national defense capabilities. He will ensure that our allies receive the reassurance they need while contributing reasonably and fairly to their own defense. Perhaps most importantly, Donald Trump will develop and employ a plan to destroy ISIS and defeat radical Islamist terrorism.

veterans4trump_small Twenty-Two Medal of Honor Recipients: Vote for Trump Defense  We cannot continue, nor can our freedoms afford, the feckless foreign policies and defense strategies promised by the Democratic nominee. The philosophy of retreat, apology, and weakness has already jeopardized the safety and freedom of every American, stressed the readiness of our Armed Forces and allowed our nation’s enemies to advance. This country simply cannot afford four more years of weak and indecisive leadership from the White House.

America faces what Henry Kissinger has called the most “diverse and complex array of crises since the end of the Second World War.” Donald Trump is the only candidate that has recognized this and developed a plan to defeat our enemies, both foreign and domestic. As recipients of the Medal of Honor, we have been privileged to serve alongside some of this nation’s true heroes. We firmly believe that Mr. Trump is the only candidate with the mettle to lead our nation through the many challenges facing us and our way of life. We have been eyewitness to courage and integrity during our lives and have special trust and confidence that Mr. Trump possesses the fortitude and judgment to Make America Great Again.

On November 8th we will be voting for Donald Trump and we encourage you to do the same.

And our enemies will hate us for it.

The following twenty-two Medal of Honor recipients support Donald J. Trump for President of the United States:

World War II
Woody Williams
CWO-4, Marines
Ona, West Virginia

Ron Rosser
Sergeant First Class, Army
Roseville, Ohio

Bob Simanek
Private First Class, USMC
Farmington Hills, Michigan

Bennie Adkins
Command SGTMAJ, Army
Auburn, Alabama

Don “Doc” Ballard, Colonel, Army
Grain Valley, Missouri

Pat Brady
Major General, Army
New Braunfels, Texas

Bruce Crandall
Colonel, Army
Manchester, Washington

Sammy Davis
Sergeant First Class, Army
Freedom, Indiana

Harold “Hal” Fritz
Colonel, Army
Peoria, Illinois

Mike Fitzmaurice
Specialist, Army
Hartford, South Dakota

Wesley Lee Fox
Colonel, Marines
Blacksburg, Virginia

Robert Ingram
Petty Officer, Navy
Jacksonville, Florida

Jim Livingston
Major General, Marines
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Walter “Joe” Marm
Colonel, Army
Fremont, North Carolina

Robert Modrzejewski
Colonel, Marines
San Diego, California

Robert “Bob” Patterson
Command SGTMAJ, Army
Pace, Florida

Kenneth “Ken” Stumpf
Sergeant Major, Army
Tomah, Wisconsin

James “Jim” Taylor
Major, Army
Trinity Center, California

Michael “Mike” Thornton
Lieutenant, Navy
Dallas, Texas

Leo Thorsness
Colonel, Air Force
St. Augustine, Florida

Jay Vargas
Colonel, Marines
San Diego, California

Global War on Terror
Leroy Petry
Master Sergeant, Army
Steilacoom, Washington