U.K. Census Reveals Muslim Births Nearly Doubled In 10 Years

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 With frequent protests and violent attacks, there is no question Islam is on the rise in Britain – as it is across much of Europe. Recently released census information, however, shows just how sharply the population of young Muslims in the country has increased over the past decade.

The Office for National Statistics reported that about 10 percent of British and Welsh children under the age of five were registered as Muslim. This represents an 80 percent increase since the previous census was conducted.

muslims_small U.K. Census Reveals Muslim Births Nearly Doubled In 10 Years

Oxford University demography professor David Coleman called the result a “startling figure.”

The population shift becomes even more stark when considering the nation’s Muslim population by age. Among the general population, less than 5 percent of Britons identify themselves as Muslim. Data for the most elderly citizens – those over the age of 85 – shows less than 0.5 percent of the population adhere to the Islamic faith.

On the other hand, Muslim youth makes up a large and growing portion of British society. Individuals under 25 years old make up about half of the U.K.’s Muslim population.

Islamic births are a strong second to Christianity, which remains the country’s leading faith. One Islamic leader, Ibrahim Mogra of the Muslim Council of Britain, said the trend reflects Britain’s welcome reception of the faith.

“It’s not about Britain becoming a Muslim country,” he said, “but about Britain enabling the practice of Islam, which gives confidence to the vast majority of Muslims.”

While a free society should not exclude new citizens based solely on their faith, the impact radical Islam has had in the U.K. over the past decade has been incalculable. Public murders, demands for the implementation of Sharia law, and other outrageous spectacles have created widespread civil unrest.

Though Muslims – and those of any faith – should be encouraged to assimilate into the common culture, Britain instead seems to be capitulating to the foreign demands of its Islamic population. This trend will not only result in a more dangerous nation, but will turn Britain into a completely unrecognizable distortion of its former self.

–B. Christopher Agee